FEMG Productions is a multimedia marketing consultancy focused on lifestyle and entertainment markets through content creation for snippet viral videos. As a documentary videographer and marketing communications graduate from Emerson College, CEO Jeremy Shannon birthed the company in 2008 through a 1-year entrepreneurship course called E3. The Entrepreneurship Experience at Emerson allowed FEMG to construct a company structure and innovative multimedia production formats that are even more relevant in 2014. Becoming a finalist at The Merrimack Valley Sandbox Accelerator program has allowed FEMG to focus on its initial market of viral videos while helping the company define its target clients and social good initiatives for the Merrimack Valley area. Digital Multimedia Design is a very new and unique market, one that has currently had a paradigm shift with the introduction of low-cost social media marketing methods and viral multimedia production as an integrated marketing solution. Making budgets last longer and become more effective through direct, content marketing to target consumers. FEMG looks to be a leader in the Digital Multimedia Design market in 2014.