Greater Grove Hall Main Streets focuses on economic development, which includes retaining existing businesses, helping existing businesses grow and recruiting or helping start new businesses. We do this by providing businesses technical assistance ourselves or from a number of skilled consultants who cover a wide range of business areas. We also help connect businesses with resources provided by a range of business service organizations. 
Urban Planning, we also provide input on urban planning issues such as transportation, business mix, zoning, public art and priority infrastructure improvements. 
In terms of Community Development, we help with community organizing, public safety, community process for approvals, and community projects.
Ed Gaskin is the Executive Director of the Greater Grove Hall Main Streets. 
My professional focus is marketing innovation, helping companies incorporate advances from marketing science, technology and engineering into their marketing, (strategy, research, communications, operations and analytics) to improve efficiency and effectiveness as a way to gain competitive advantage and/or create shareholder value. In recent years I have published ten books, both fiction and non-fiction, (that can be found on that cover a range of social issues. 
Over the past twenty years I have created successful marketing strategies for CEOs and CMOs in numerous industries, at different life cycle stages, from the product level to the corporate or country levels. My broad experience, education, and commitment helped me identify the marketing applications of emerging technologies and have enabled me to become an expert in marketing innovation, a field in which I am doing pioneering work. Given the rate of innovation in marketing strategy, research, communications, operations and analytics, with the potential to improve both efficiency and effectiveness, this is an important area for CMOs. You can find my writing on this topic at I am also a contributor to C-Suite Insider -
I was the host, founder and producer of a weekly TV webcast, The CMO Advantage, on The Pulse Network, a public company (TPNI), focusing on the topic of marketing innovation I currently serve as an Advisor to Culture + Youth Studies, an organization which seeks to equip youth workers of all types with relevant and reliable information on today's culture and youth. You can read more of my bio and life story at Google+.