Day to day I am the lead of the new Digital Catalyst in Boston CiC as the Senior Vice President of IoT and Smart Analytics. As we move to digitization of insurance services IoT and Big data will take a major part. We have been looking closely at the strategy in how this will form a part at SwissRE. In doing so it has been tackled from several fronts:
• Taking viable technical solutions and working with business units on how they can be leveraged
• Working with partners and vendors on building out proof points for the organization
• Scouting and identifying innovation that is evolving or potentially disrupting the industry
• Looking out 5 – 10 – 20 years on possible impacts and how we will deal with them
• Highlight, distribute and relate IoT and big data information to the organization
• Build knowledge and ecosystem around the IoT and Big data for SwissRE through contacts, consortiums and conferences

Founder and strategy behind the SwissRE Digital Catalyst in Boston, instrumental in setting up the ecosystem, hiring the team and building the marketing to the internal business units. Over 16 years in bringing together Business and Technology through communications systems with Bluechip organizations and startups. Involved in the transformation in sectors of Telecommunications, Mobile, Connected Vehicle and now Insurance. LogicaCMG delivering global text messaging systems and solutions, contributing to the SMPP Forum on the MWI(Message Waiting Indicator). Successfully integrated TxT into American society and products. Built the world's first Java based smartphone with SavaJE Technologies that became the parent of what is now the Android operating system. Lead the growth of Telematics at Agero Group, the principle designer and decision maker for the Endavour telematics platform; the first to cater to multiple connected vehicle OEM's together with a variety of infotainment, insurance and mobile applications. Built teams and strategy in organizations around mobility, IoT and big data. The expert leveraged to bridge the gap between business and IT. Performed merger and acquisition analysis on potential targets and opportunities for partnerships leading to the acquisition of ATX Group (150MIL) and divestment to SiriusXM (530MIL). Creation of corporate intellectual property through 6 patents and creation of an innovation council. Originally, of New Zealand decent I have traveled globally throughout the world spending time in Africa, Europe and China. Living in the Boston, an area that is a hub for knowledge and technology offers multiple opportunities for staying close to growth areas through meetups and conference participation. Technology is a passion and is regularly built into our household of 5 in all aspects, outside of my professional career I have helped in founding a rugby club, held the position as Director of Kiwi Enterprise Association Global Network, completed several Marathons and endurance events called the Death Race.