Expertise (Industrial Design, Design Thinking, Innovation)
I am managing Dassault Systemes’s 3DEXPERIENCE Lab Boston, which comprises of a Startup Accelerator and a Fab Lab. The Accelerator is focused on incubating early- to mid-stage startup companies around the space of Life and Nature that can potentially shift the scales of Innovation. The Fab Lab was set up in May 2017 in collaboration with MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms and Fab Foundation, and is a vital node for us to foster a culture of maker-ship within the community, test out software to hardware integration platforms and to support prototyping and testing needs of startups in the accelerator. And by the way, we are assembling a 40 feet wingspan Aircraft in the lab, which is not un-cool!!

Trajectory (Engineering>Design>Innovation>Business School> Dassault Systemes) Engineering> Design (6 years): I started my career as an industrial designer working on simple to complex product design, engineering and interaction problems for companies like Pentair, Lumium & Samsung Electronics. Design>Innovation (4 years): After 6 years of hard core Product Design experience, I switched to Business Innovation as I joined a Russian Telecom company, MTS. I led a highly diverse Innovation Team and used my prior experience in design thinking and doing to bring new products and services to the market. Innovation >Business School (1.5 years): In 2015, I came to the US to pursue MBA from Cornell University's Johnson College of Business, which helped me combine my strong creative background with a solid grounding in business. This led to a role with Dassault Systemes where I am managing the North American operations of the Open Innovation and Startup Accelerator called 3DEXPERIENCE Lab Boston