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Virtual MIN September and October 2020

We've always said that many companies get more value out of the online visibility we drive BETWEEN Mass Innovation Nights events than the events themselves. For the months of September and October 2020, we're running an ongoing experiment with the Mass Innovation Nights community.

We will be sharing information about new and exciting Greater Boston area products with you, the members of our community.  We will be including these products on our website, in our newsletter and via our social media. We'll be running our social media amplification program, in partnership with GaggleAMP. (GaggleAMP allows our supporters to receive information they can share via their own social networks. (You choose what you share and what you don't. Sign up today!)


1) Will there be a physical event associated with this program?  No. We believe everyone should continue to avoid large gatherings. Stay home. Stay safe. (Order takeout to support local restaurants and eateries!)

2) Will there be a virtual event associated with this program? Yes, eventually. We'll provide more information on that as we get closer to the event. If you would like to RSVP now, please do and we'll send you the appropriate links when it happens.

3) Usually there is a voting for the products, will there be an online vote?  Not this time. Because new products will be added each week, it wouldn't be fair to everyone.

3) I submitted a product previously, will my product be included? We're reaching out to all the product owners in the queue. Watch for an email!

4) What if I have a new product I would like support for? Submit your product and we'll try to fit it into the program


Connect with various business and startup experts at Mass Innovation Nights. Interested in sponsoring an experts table? Contact us.

Name Company Web Twitter
Stela Lupushor Reframe.Work Inc. Link @slupusho
Sarah Barsch Carlton PR Marketing Link @BarschSarah
Alex Zen
Jacqueline Hampton Portico Travel, Inc. Link @porticotravel
Maksym Ushakov
Jorge Calderon Independent Software Developer
Thursday, October 1, 2020 - 5:00pm