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Name: Splitwise Mobile App
Website: splitwise.com
Twitter: @split_wise
Description: Splitwise is a tool for roommates that makes it easy to organize shared living expenses and keep track of who-owes-who. For Mass Innovation Nights, we are launching our mobile app beta, which will enable iPhone and Android users to keep track of their shared expenses on-the-go.

Name: Design Your Own Fashion Platform
Website: openrunway.com
Twitter: @OpenRunway
Description: Open Runway is a design your own fashion platform where you can create, wear and share your own made to order handbags and shoes. Using our online design studio, choose a silhouette and then make it your own by mixing and matching leathers, heels, trims and hardware. What's next is…

Name: Crowdsourced architectural design services
Website: arcbazar.com
Twitter: @arcbazar
Description: Arcbazar.com is a first-of-its-kind competition platform for architectural design services. At arcbazar.com, any person can launch a design competition for q project of any scale: an addition to a home, a remodeling job for retail space, a design of an entire family home, a landscape project, a mixed-use development, or…

Name: Good Tastes Mac & Cheese
Website: good-tastes.com
Twitter: @GoodTastesSarah
Description: Good Tastes produces a line of gourmet, frozen mac & cheese - Bacon & Shallot Mac, Wild Mushroom Mac, Four Cheese Mac and Brie & Fig Mac. We are based out of Newburyport MA.

Name: Ravid Video Messenger
Website: ravidapp.com
Twitter: @ravidapp
Description: Ravid is making private, asynchronous video messaging as simple as texting.   While other mobile video technologies focus on real-time (Skype) or broadcast (Youtube), Ravid allows Android or iPhone users to send video messages phone to phone, even if the receiver doesn't have Ravid installed!  The Ravid platform is designed for…

Name: Grafpad
Website: www.grafpad.com
Description: Grafpad is a web app for creating legible diagrams online that's as intuitive as drawing on a piece of paper. It combines the simplicity of drawing your concept/idea on a napkin with the power of applications like Visio or Inkscape by applying image recognition to your drawing. The app is…

Name: Percussion CM1 Web Content Management
Website: percussion.com
Twitter: @percussion
Description: Percussion CM1 is the first Web Content Management product that returns the power of content management back to the content owner, and provides the flexibility to easily update as new features come available. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Percussion CM1 enables marketers to manage virtually every component of their site,…

Name: Arch Angels Children’s Comfort Insoles
Website: http://myarchangels.com
Twitter: @myarchangels
Description: Arch Angels® are the first children’s comfort insole on the market designed specifically to meet the needs of active children’s feet. Designed by doctors and approved by pediatricians and healthcare professionals, Arch Angels® can make any shoe better and children’s lives more comfortable. Arch Angels® are a 3/4 length insole…

Name: iZup Enterprise
Website: unknown
Description: Enterprise release of mobile safety management solution that enhances employee and public safety and reduces potential corporate liability by limiting cell phone use while driving.

Name: Terametric Optimizer for Twitter
Website: terametric.com
Twitter: @terametric
Description: Terametric Optimizer for Twitter is the ONLY social marketing platform that integrates real-time analysis with guidance on what to tweet, when to tweet it, and who to target on message.


Picture Name Company Web Twitter
Stephen Pappas Exselligen sxp01
Erica Wright Cummings Properties cummingsdotcom
Jon Anderson Sidehill Consulting jon4sales
Sandra Mazzola NY Life
Timothy Cornell Perry, Krumsiek & Jack LLP pkjlaw
Dave Gerry CLASS, Inc


Name Company Web Twitter
David Hinchey for October 12, 2011 Mass Innovation Nights (#MIN31) http://www.percussion.com
Gregory Snow for October 12, 2011 Mass Innovation Nights (#MIN31)
Duane Osborn for October 12, 2011 Mass Innovation Nights (#MIN31)
Derek Wilmot for October 12, 2011 Mass Innovation Nights (#MIN31) http://www.toyqueen.com @toyqueen
Kerin Sikorski for October 12, 2011 Mass Innovation Nights (#MIN31) http://www.percussion.com
Alex Korik for October 12, 2011 Mass Innovation Nights (#MIN31) http://www.nuance.com
Jay Mixter for October 12, 2011 Mass Innovation Nights (#MIN31) http://www.twyxter.com
gayle leinberry for October 12, 2011 Mass Innovation Nights (#MIN31)
David Crowley for October 12, 2011 Mass Innovation Nights (#MIN31) http://socialcapitalinc.org @socialcap
Jason Meserve for October 12, 2011 Mass Innovation Nights (#MIN31) http://ca.com @jmeserve