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Mass Innovation Nights MIN63

We are headed to Waltham for MIN63. Our fabulous host is Autodesk! (An exciting brand new location for us!)  Are you ready for a spectacular line up of 10 new products? 
Check out the ten new PRODUCTS
VOTE for your favorite product launcher to present (VOTE HERE!)
RSVP to attend (it is free to attend)
See who else is planning on attending (click the ATTENDEES tab)
Help spread the word - blog, tweet (using the #MIN63 hashtag), Like, and post!
Support local innovation, network and have fun at the same time. Join us on Wednesday, June 11, 2014 6pm-8:30pm


(781) 839-5300
1560 Trapelo Road
Waltham, MA 02451

Connect with various business and startup experts at Mass Innovation Nights. Interested in sponsoring an experts table? Contact us.

Name Company Web Twitter
Oleg Shilovitsky Autodesk Link @olegshilovitsky
JJ alberts Link @@jjalberts
Paulina Perepelkin Additive Fashion Link @perepel1
Michael Kirkpatrick PARTNERS+simons Link @_kirkpatrick
Michael Quan Interactive Tactical Group Link @@quantumvr
Dan Johnson GraVoc Technologies Link @erpcrmguy
Daniel Nadell
Kenneth Rahn TheGahlik Link @thegahlik
Tom Libby Diversified Sales Solutions, Inc.. Link @@CEO_DSSI
Nam Nguyen Traub Capital Management Link
Joseph Sherman
Maxime HUYNH French Ambassy
Carolyn Volan Self Link @carolynvolan
patent attorney William mansfield Mansfield law Link @Patentmansfield
Kai Salame Sharma Associates
Robert Hamilton Belvidere Technology Consulting Link
C Todd Lombardo InnoLoft Link @@iamctodd
Mark Sprague Lexington eBusiness Consulting Link @CMarkSprague
Saibal Sen ZENeSYS Consulting Link @zenesys
Bobbie Carlton Carlton PR & Marketing Link @BobbieC
Alisa Clark @alisa_unedited
kristen avini Innovation Nights LLC
Jenny Hudson Merrimack Media Link @merrimack_media
Rick Rundell Autodesk Link @rcklr
Ed Gaskin Sunday Celebrations
Maximilian Eilhardt Autodesk @eilhardt
Dave Hall Kona DataSearch Link @@KonaDataSearch
Geordie McClelland Link @theThingsbiz
Doug Schade WinterWyman
Rosemarie Hassen Campbell Rapid Advance Financial Services Link @rapidadavance
George White Cantina Link @Stonehippo
Tatyana Denisenko Internap Link
Ken Deckinger Jess, Meet Ken Link @kendeckinger
Saeid Kordi TRA360 Link
Evan Lodge HigherMe Link @evanlodge
Rob Hunter HigherMe Link @RobFoot
Rob Hunter HigherMe Link @RobFoot
Matt Gill HigherMe Link @matthsgill
Art Leary AWLeary & Associates Link
Belinda Jentz Network Today Link @BostonMaNWT
Mario Richter TriNet Link
Matt Rafeld Bikini Doors Link @bikinidoors
Alfred Angelici Walnut Hill Advisors, LLC
Sarah Aw
Nancy Wolff Leary Online Amplify Link @
Patent Attorney William Mansfield Mansfield Law Link @patentmansfield
Dan Rippy Learnlinx Link @learnlinx
Stephen Mariano Accellent Link
David Fogel Swifton CFOs LLC Link @dafogel, swifton
Luisa Sophia Reyes Jossle Link @@wordsfromlu
Rotimi Lademo Jossle Link @Row_timi
Daquan Oliver Jossle Link @DaquanOliver
Tom Fitzgerald Access Creative Group Link @@ppbroker524
Michael Kirkpatrick PARTNERS+simons Link @_kirkpatrick
Joe Goss Attachmate Group Link @joe_goss
Ted Fields Town of Arlington, MA Link
jack zhao eCoast Animation Studios Link
Hilary Soltz Short @hilaryshort
Seth Frielich Looking for a new VP of Sales and Bus Dev position Link @sdfsmc
Rick Kollmeyer Blue Edge Labs Link @rickkollmeyer
Dave Maglio EDGE Accounting Services, LLC Link @dmaglio13
Dan Rippy Learnlinx Link @learnlinx
Joe Flynn TriNet Link
Leigh McCloskey The Bulfinch Group
Leo Sarian Clearcode Link
Tim Wood Accellent Link
Susan McKenney Diversified Sales Solutions, Inc. Link @@diversifiedsale
Andrew Singer, M.D. Winchester Hospital
Garrett Rent Seeking my next opportunity. Link @gar8
Trip Finneran Internet & Telephone Link
Zach Leffler Internet & Telephone Link
Jeremy Loeckler TourMatters Link @JeremyLoeckler
Kevin Dachos Cinch Financial Link @KevDachos
Hannah Kim Cinch Financial @HannahKim2017
Jeff Schiebe Babson College Link
Paul Laskow Save Energy Systems, Inc. Link @saveenergysys
Alexandra Tilden Workbar Link
Seijen Takamura UP Global Link @seij
Michael Connell Home & Business Services Unlimited Link @MichaelisHBSU
mansoor basha Comverse Link @bashaman
Scott Lyon Auction Mobility @ScottLyon
Daniel Engel Engel Holdings LLC
Rich Sands RSands Consulting, LLC Link @richsands
David bIGIO JVMS Link
David bIGIO JVMS Link
Dan Napierski Phfeast, Inc. Link @Phfeast
Jeff Briskin Briskin Consulting Link
Christina Bennani-Persechini Kforce Link
Zubeir Syed Aliaswire Inc Link
Richard Ward CRG
Joe Tagliente Gopinion Link @@joepinionated.
Stephen Zarubaiko Law Office of Stephen Zarubaiko
Maurice Fitzgerald Internet & Telephone Link
Jim King King Tech
Hazel Holbrook SwankMyStyle Link @@swankmystyle
Kurt Smith Mass-Sets Link
Scott Lawton PreFab Software Link
Dave Cutler MITX Link @CutlerDave
Jane Hunter Boston Human Capital Partners Link
Ed Oppenheim Stream Productions Link
Ross Goldman
Sid Ashok National Grid @sid_NG
Alan Chachich Breakthrough NPD Link
Jay Mixter Twyxter, Inc. Link
William J. Reich Success Point
Michael Krieger Health Innovators Link @health2innovate
Devang Shah @njoychaos
Tom Hastings The Interface Financial Group
Maureen Mansfield, ALM MANSFIELD LAW ~Protect Your Passion ~ @Maureenmanalm
Jeremy Cole Marcum LLP Link @jwilliamcole
Ory Rusli Marcum LLP Link
Alex Cantrell New Sector Aliance Link @artemiswins
Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - 6:00pm