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Mass Innovation Nights 72

March MIN finds us returning to one of our favorite locations LogMeIn in the Innovation District! Join us on March 11th - 6pm to 8:30 pm for some serious INNOVATION! We have Ten new fantastic products waiting to showcase!   
*Check out the new PRODUCTS 
*To VOTE for your favorite four product launchers go to the product page (click on the word PRODUCTS to the immediate left) and click LOVE IT (only four times)!
*RSVP to attend the event on Wednesday, March 11th (free to attend) 
*See who else is planning on attending (click the ATTENDEES tab) 
*Help spread the word - blog, tweet (using the #MIN72 hashtag), like and post!    
Support local innovation -- network and have fun at the same time! Don't miss -- Wednesday, March 11, 2015  6pm-8:30pm for Mass Innovation Nights #72.


320 Summer St
Boston, MA 02210

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Music is the shorthand of emotion and we want to enjoy music in the comforts of our home.
But Home Audio is complicated and dated because of...

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We create 6 unique objects for the home using maps of any address in the world- including yours. Zoom in, pan then crop your personalized map and...

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Part of our MIN #72 Student Start-up Spotlight. Cabinet Cloud builds government solutions. Connecting legislators, agencies, and governmental...

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The SPOT app is a revolutionary approach to solving parking issues in metropolitan cities, starting with Boston. Taking a sharing economy approach...

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Cast is an app for organizing your friends for near-term, informal events such as going out for a drink after work or seeing a movie.


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Touch Easel
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The school desk reimagined.
Touch Easel is a 32” multitouch table designed around the needs of those with learning disabilities. In...

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Upveil allows you to find, post, and vote on the best and newest products in a variety of categories (fashion, tech, vehicles, decor, sport, food...

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Connect with various business and startup experts at Mass Innovation Nights. Interested in sponsoring an experts table? Contact us.

Name Company Web Twitter
Kristen Avini Innovation Nights LLC
John Martel Aerotek Embedded Systems Link
Mitch Gaynor SPOT Link @mgaynor22
Peter E. O'Neil Oasis HR Outsourcing Link
Kristin Pizzi Marcum LLP Link
Terrence thinkforward Link @terrencelomax
Hakan Can Beantown Link @BeantownReview
hilary farlow HTI Medical Link
Seth Cargiuolo d50 Media Link @carge77
Jim Kim Cangrade Link @TheIdeaHunters
Jonathon Jonas The Purple Carrot Link
Magdalena Taber
Tom Druan Druan IP Law Link @DruanIP
Daniel Johnson GraVoc Technologies Link @erpcrmguy
Bill Sell Mass Convention Center Authority Link @WRSELL
Tom Libby Diversified Sales Solutions, Inc Link @@CEO_DSSI
Thomas Maloney Climbing the Success Ladder Link @outcomedriven
Brian Graavel GraVoc Associates Link @bdgravel
Joshua Raymond One Good Act (OGA) Link @@OGAchallenge
Joshua Raymond One Good Act (OGA) Link @OGAchallenge
Denis Robert Panova
Julia di Bonaventura Boston Private Industry Council Link @BostonSTEM
Pam Crombie The Grommet Link @PamelaCrombie17
Rose Delorme Boston Private Industry Council Link
David Petringa
Arnold Atkin GraVoc Associates Link
Caeli Byrne IBM Link @caelikbyrne
Paul Costello Agency 180 Link @paulfcostello
Maureen Mansfield, ALM MANSFIELD LAW ~Protect Your Passion~ @MaureenManALM
Shirley ONeil Sonzia Inc Link @@TouchEasel
Justin Fyles Cast Link @justifyles
Ryan Meador Cast Social Company Link @ryanmeador
Lauren Smith Litmus Link @@lozzzytweets
Danielle Lavoie Litmus Link @ahoy_lavoie
Jake Dmochowski
Marien J. Zanyk W2Designs, LLC Link @
George Brian "Doctor Love" Sullivan, Ph.D. Newportant Foundation @amorior
Lauren Barry Logmein Link @@laurenlmi
Sofia Gracian Phoodeez Link
Luis A. Carrasquillo
Ruby The Cambridge Institute
Evan Foo ARCHT Audio Link @@ARCHTaudio
Sandra Casagrand Banner Publications Inc. Link @@baystatebanner
Marc Llado AD-Pure Link @AD_Pure
Joel Sowalsky Daily General Counsel Link @BizLawyer_Joel
Nicholas Krug LogoMix Inc. Link
William Ruiz Babson College @@William_Ruiz
Mark A. Bross Bross Law, LLC Link @Bross_Law
Charisse Sebastian Spectrum Computer Support
Vlad Shafir Citara Systems
Scott Mason Volt Workforce Solutions Link
jack (quanzhou) zhao eCoast Studios Link
Ben Gregg Autodesk Link @bengregg
JP Van de Capelle
Keith Shaffer Grant Thornton LLP Link
Gary Grimard Sun LifeLight Link @SunLifeLight
Stephen Zarubaiko Law Office of Stephen Zarubaiko @SZarubaiko
Leslie Saul Leslie Saul & Associates Link @Lesliesaul
[email protected] Dr Health Management Link
Janice Caillet iSTARTUP Link @JaniceCaillet
Rayshauna Gray Tufts University Link @theideologue
Kenneth Vancini Innova International LLC Link @ken_vancini
Calvin Domenico Sonzia Inc Link @@TouchEasel
Mihai Dinulescu Sonzia Inc Link @@TouchEasel
Elvia Bautista @ElviaBautista
Kelli Lampkin NetSuite Link @klamp7
Jim Peyton Getfused Link
Alexia Prichard Closed Loop Films @Lextopia
Matt Brindley Litmus Link @mbrindley
Felipe Melo Boston University Graduate Entrepreneurship Club
Jim Fyles @jlfyles
Justin Lancaster kwiKBio Link @kwikbio
Marty Kane Palladin Interim Executive Link
Alan Bond
Angelo Firenze Ascendle Link @@ascendle
Angeliki Avloniti
Andrew Molloy ROAM Link
Kate Stella
Madhavi Punditas
Jay Dirner MathWorks
Kelley Tighe Whole Foods Market, Charlestown Link
Alexander Shvartz StreetInfoTech Link @
Alexander Shvartz StreetInfoTech Link @
Tim Bridge @techsalesvp
Mario Richter TriNet Link
Sal Kupzi OverThePlate Link @OverThePlateo
Ori Spigelman Spatter, Inc. Link @@spatterit
Amanda Greening The Health You Want Link @dahealthyouwant
Vladimir Levin Saldlab LLC Link @@CAE_Fidesys
Jen Reddy IdeaPaint Link
Theresa Chadwick Entrepreneurship for All Link
Bobbie Carlton Carlton PR & Marketing Link @BobbieC
Sridhar Byrappa iClinical Inc Link @iClinicalData
Felicia Jadczak VMware @felishdadish
Martin Eriksson Mind the Product Link @bfgmartin
Katie Adams IdeaPaint
Randy Bock Link @DrRandyBock
Marissa Olexa turnstone Link @marissalexa
Ronan Kelly Enterprise Ireland
Erik Heumiller DGF Technologies Link @dgftech
Mark A.Bross Bross Law, LLC Link @Bross_Law
Bill Burns Link
Laurie Anglin TriNet Link @@langlintrinet
Olivia Briggs Smarter Travel Media Link @OliviaOlileibri
Victor Horodincu ELEVEN Link
John Lohavichan Gleamfire Link @gleamfire
Kyle Paczkowski
Julia IdeaPaint Link
Alex Burakovsky GrillEasy, LLC Link @grilleasy
Ted Chaloner @tedchaloner
Lindsay Joseph Brook Street Inc
Kristin Pizzi Marcum LLP
Vladimir Levin Fidesys LLC Link @@CAE_Fidesys
Michael Morgenstern Openview Venture Partners Link @morgenstern8989
Robert La Ferla OneMsg Link @onemsgapp
Jeremiah Berman Bakahn Creative Link @@bakahncreative
Janet Egan Janet Egan Technical Writing Link @hammerchick
Susan McKenney Diversified Sales Solutions, Inc. Link @@diversifiedsale
Patent Attorney William Mansfield Mansfield Law Link @patentmansfield
Jeremy Loeckler TourMatters Link @JeremyLoeckler
Thomas Libby Diversified Sales Solutions, Inc. Link
Jackie Way Hult International Business School Link @jrway21
Jesus Upveil Link
Tivan Amour Fortified Bicycle Link @fortifiedbike
Julia Paino Vodia Ventures Link
Daniel Landy Upveil Link @Upveil
Jyotsna V. Changlani
Steve Robins Solution Marketing Strategeies Link @SteveRobins
Natalia Polikarpova Autodesk Link @nataliapolikar1
Carly BeConnections Link @beconnectioners
Jacobo Salas Upveil Link @@upveil
Alexander E. Barza Fortified Bike Link @FORTIFIEDbike
Ilan Vagenshtein
Graham Celine None Link @@grahamceline
Graham Siegel ANIMALOOZA Link @gsie
Andrew Xue ActvContent Link
Philip Greenwald Code Undercover Link @codeundercover
John O'Neil ROAM Link
Christian Haskins Modere Link
Brandon Hanks
Ahmed Hentati
Catherine Applegate Karma Crew Yacht Charters Link @#karmacrewyacht
Mike Burke Liquid Capital of New England Link
David Goldstein TeamBonding Link @@addentrepreneur
Angeliki Avloniti Imperial Strom SA
Stewart noakes Techhub Link @@techhubboston
Sridhar Byrappa iClinical Inc Link @iClinicalData
Millie Kwan CEC Business Solutions, Inc. Link @thewsitouch
Samiha Al-Sabbagh Coalition
Jamie Bradley Sophwell Inc Link @sophwell
Steve Albanese LearnBolt Link @learnbolt
Colleen Roth Black Duck Software Link @rothcolleen
Christopher J Hanson, CPA
Todd Horton KangoGift Link @kangogift
Sarah McCrary Leaf - Heartland Link @MsSarahMcCrary
andrew changelian Sparks Link @changelian
Dan Flanigan Percussion Software @danflan
Thaddeus Figlock The HR Engineers @T_Fig
William F. Zachmann Canopus Research Inc. Link @wfz
Lindsay Joseph Brook Street Inc Link
Todd Hoffman Tapping on Glass Link @ipadsinretail
Trevor Hoffman Carnegie Mellon
Chris Scott
Shivansh Bhatia
Angelo Firenze Ascendle Link @@ascendle
Mariangela Tineo
Ameya Pandilwar @ameya_pandilwar
Michael K Halloran MKH Music Link @djrealone617
Stephen Wong Random Wire Technologies Link @wingchi
Marien J Zanyk W2Designs LLC Link @Mzanyk
Jeff Schiebe Hult International Business School Link
Lisa Vingerhoet IBM Link @@LisaVIBM
Marcus Yee IBM Link
Mark DeMello TriNet Link @HROutsourceGuru
Alexander Golob Cabinet Link @AlexanderGolob
Sergey Kudryavtsev Link @SDigitao
Tamanna Accelerate, Wentworth Institute of Technology Link @WITxlr8
Will Brierly Snowruner Link @SodaDrinkerPro
Marco Vinicio Paspuel
Yair Marcow Mavenomics Incorporated
Patent Attorney William Mansfield Mansfield Law Link @PatentMansfield
Dennis Ringland Analytics for Impact @DennisRingland
David Cutler EatMedia Link @davidcutler
SHAREITY Shareity Link @shareityapp
Salma Yehia
Sammia Atoui GBCC Link @satoui
Erin Trabucco Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Link
Maureen Mansfield, ALM MANSFIELD LAW ~Protect Your Passion~ @@MaureenManALM
Gene Babon Web Apprentices Link @webapprentices
joni cline appScatter
Lisa Merritt
Katie Barno Night Blockers Link
Jong Woo Nam Olin College Link
Franton Lin Olin College
Olena Danilchenko Altisource Labs Link
Victor Horodincu ELEVEN Design Link
Nancy Shaw Iconitive Link @nananneS
Nancy LaCourse The Dinner Daily Link
Guanyi Gu Amazon
Stephen Brand Olin College of Engineering Link
Giulia Klein
Tom Dodge Frame of Reference Media Collaborations Link @@FOR_MediaCollab
Ana Martinez de Lizarrondo TalenTank Link @@TalenTank_es
Juan Martin TalenTank Link @@TalenTank_es
Christian Haskins
Hyoun Park Blue Hill Research Link @hyounpark
Tony Chen
Bill Rubin
Ed Gaskin Sunday Celebrations
Marilyn MacLeod em Squared Studios Link @emsqboston
Jeff Stein WilmerHale Link @jeffstein112
John Malloy Think Tank Systems
Terrence thinkforward Link @terrencelomax
Meaghan Quinn Sinclair Booze Époque Link @@boozeepoque
Simon Towers TechHub Link @TechHubBoston
Angeliki Avloniti Imperial Strom SA
Mark Sprague Lexington eBusiness Consulting Link @CMarkSprague
Dave Charboneau Grapheneith Link
John Cass PR Communications Link @johncass
Paul Hoffman EFC Newport Link @paulhoffman
Trip Wolfskehl Mapisart Link @mapisart
Jeff Masters Link
Francis Gardino Link
Bill Sell Massachusetts Convention Center Authority Link @WRSELL
Heather Doney MassIT, Office of Government Innovation Officer
Justin Lancaster Kwikbio Link @Kwikbio
Marc D'Amore HEART | Pro-Art Consortium/RISD Link
Bob Brooks WEGO Health Link @bobbrooks
Jax Adele Jax Adele Link @jaxadele
Doug Pouliot Light Painting Portraits Link @@DouglasJPouliot
Theresa Milewski Cummings Executive suites Link @cesuites
Michael Bellomo Charles River Engineering Link
Edwin Castillo
Andrew Borstein Startup Institute Link
Alain Jean
Eric R Apse IBM Link @eapse
Steven Ayr Fort Point Legal, P.C. Link @stevenayr
Jeff Croteau Aerotek Link
Chad Castro Startup Institute
Chad Castro Startup Institute
Gregory King Hancock Software Link @gdking32
nitin acunexy
Nick Taylor AdAgility Link @ntaylor360
Alexandra Edelstein ICIC - 10,000 Small Businesses Link
Shelley Stark Stark Policy and Research Consultants @starkjacks
nate therrien BIBSMA Link @nathantherrien
Julia Startup institute
Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 6:00pm