Emerging Healthcare Technology is the focus of our December Mass Innovation Nights #129.  Join us at Alley Powered By Verizon in Cambridge on December 10th at 6pm for an evening of showcasing, networking and pitches! Verizon 5G Lab is the sponsor for this event.  You will not want to miss #MIN129!

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Don't miss it  TUESDAY, December 10th 6pm-8:30pm for Mass Innovation Nights #129

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Name: XSurgical Robotics Gamma
Website: Http://www.xsurgicalrobotics.com
Twitter: @gianlucadenovi
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/XSurgicalRobotics/
Description: XSurgical, is developing and bringing to market a remotely controlled surgical robot, which can be deployed in situations of disaster recovery, battlefield and travels into space. The surgical robot will be able to perform minimally invasive and open surgery, guided by surgeons from remote locations. The concept has received strong…

Name: Coagulo Medical Technologies
Website: coagulomed.com
Twitter: @CoaguloDx
Description: Coagulo is transforming medicine through the introduction of the world’s first point-of-care (PoC) precision-medicine platform for coagulation. Current coagulation testing is based on assays that were developed over a half-century ago, which are capable of providing only general information on the coagulation pathway and cannot offer much-needed insight into the…

Name: Rendever
Website: www.rendever.com
Twitter: @rendeverhealth
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rendever/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rendever.health/
Description: Rendever is overcoming social isolation through the power of virtual reality and shared experiences. From senior living communities to hospitals, the Rendever platform is being used to reduce depression and loneliness by fostering personal connections amongst populations where life has become limited. Participants in group sessions can check off bucket…

Name: OxyTrack by Stratagen Bio
Website: StratagenBio.com
Twitter: @StratagenBio
Description: Stratagen Bio is developing a novel class of sensors that provide quantitative and direct measurements of tissue oxygen. Our sensor will enable more personalized and effective treatments for patients in a wide range of applications including oncology, wound healing, and tissue transplantation. This sensor is currently being evaluated in a…

Name: Folia Health
Website: www.foliahealth.com
Twitter: @foliahealth
Facebook: www.facebook.com/myfoliahealth
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foliahealth/
Description: The experience of managing complex chronic conditions - both as a patient or a caregiver - is extremely difficult, emotionally taxing, and expensive. Folia's mission is to lighten the load for patients and their families, but to also leverage their knowledge in developing more personalized and effective care. Folia is…

Name: Intus Care
Website: intuscare.com
Description: Intus Care is revolutionizing service tracking for home healthcare organizations. Intus Care focuses on a two-step verification process that verifies the service time and task duration of care providers in order to increase provider efficiency and to ensure the safety of patients within the home. Intus Care utilizes a scanning…

Name: Tempo from Tyme Wear
Website: www.tymewear.com
Twitter: @tymewear
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tymewear/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tymewear/
Description: Monitoring breathing and movement has been difficult and not user friendly in the past. Bulky camera systems and face masks are the standard. We solved the problem by developing  soft sensors integrated into garments to measure breathing and motion. Signal processing and biomedical analysis of sensor data will provide users…

Name: Loro
Website: https://www.loro.xyz/
Twitter: @go_loro
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/flyloro/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flyloro/
Description: Loro is a smart companion robot for people with mobility challenges. Loro is a plug-and-play intelligent robotic system, controlled by a user-friendly application for people with physical challenges. Loro empowers people with mobility challenges the ability to control, communicate, and connect with the community and surroundings. Loro carries four values (4…


Picture Name Company Web Twitter
Steve Morrison Verizon
Michael Sullivan Verizon


Name Company Web Twitter
Arjun Vinod GreenSight www.greensightag.com @arjun7965
Arjun Vinod GreenSight www.greensightag.com @arjun7965
Arjun Vinod GreenSight www.greensightag.com @arjun7965
Robin Buck Refresh Interiors http://refreshinteriorsdc.com @refresh_dc
Robin Buck Refresh Interiors http://refreshinteriorsdc.com @refresh_dc
Maureen Mansfield Protect Your Passion @bostonenet
William Mansfield Mansfield Law https://patentattorneywill.wixsite.com/protectyourpassion @patentmansfield
Adam Pittman Folia Health
Sheba Mathew Manta Product Development www.mantadesign.com
Marina Marinkovic