We are thrilled to be back for the third time at UMass Lowell's Innovation Hub!   The City of Lowell and UMass Lowell's Innovation Hub are again co-sponsoring and co-hosting this event. The focus of the event is all things IoT, AI and Robotics as we celebrate National Robotics Week. We will have more than eight fantastic products showcasing for you. You will hear more about how the Innovation Hub in Lowell is helping ventures move from "idea to impact".  Remember "There's a lot to like about Lowell"! Join us on THURSDAY, April 11th at 6pm for #MIN121

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Don't miss it — THURSDAY, April 11th 6pm-8:30pm for Mass Innovation Nights #121   

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Name: Fonative Communications Platform as a Service API
Website: https://www.fonative.com
Twitter: @fonative
Description: The Fonative™ Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) API enables application providers to integrate calls and messaging into their solutions without the need to maintain servers, infrastructure, network, and telecommunications carriers. Fonative provides a rich set of sophisticated features and secure, reliable communications to meet the demands of contact center…

Name: Operation250 Educational Program
Website: www.operation250.org
Twitter: @Operation_250
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/operation250/
Description: Operation250 is an interactive, educational program that is designed to supply students, parents, and educators with the skills to protect themselves from risks online and in the real world. The program is a scientifically designed and evaluated model that combines skills retention and application to some of the most pressing…

Name: Part of our MIN alumni corner – Tertill
Website: http://franklinrobotics.com
Twitter: @FranklinRobotic
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FranklinRobotic/
Description: Tertill is a solar powered, autonomous, self-sufficient robot. It lives in the garden, and every day it charges itself in the sunlight, patrols the garden, avoids plants and obstacles, and chops down emerging weeds. Friendliness and simplicity are designed in. Setup requires only a fence around the garden, and small plastic…

Name: Saarthi limb – Nonspec
Website: Nonspec.org
Twitter: @nonspecinc
Facebook: Facebook.com/nonspec
Instagram: Instagram.com/nonspecinc
Description: Short product description: We make high affordable, adjustable, and high quality prosthetic limbs for amputees around the world. We have designed a new ankle that allows for 8 degrees of adjustment, a thinner limb, and higher energy level activities. Tweet: New and improved affordable, adjustable, prosthetic limbs for amputees around…

Name: WritingAssistant
Website: https://www.writing-assistant.com/
Twitter: @WritingAsst
Description: WritingAssistant is the most powerful online writing improvement tool in the world. This AI-powered product instantly analyzes any type of writing material, whether it’s an email or a long essay. There’s two key levels: – Level 1: provides an instant analysis of grammatical and syntactical errors – Level 2: offers…

Name: Part of our MIN alumni corner – CAIDE Studio BSR
Website: https://www.caidesystems.com/
Description: Brain Stroke is severe medical issue in United States. It is emergency when stroke attacks patients. CT image is necessary for detection of stroke and correct diagnosis. However, there could be human error (5% - 31%) in diagnosis and the process of diagnosis at the hospital easily requires 1 hour.…

Name: Awayr Auto – Awayr UAS
Website: getawayr.com
Twitter: @purduemba1
Description: Awayr is an A.I. system that performs evaluation, data analytics and design augmentation for human machine interface design teams in the automotive and defense industries. The HMI design process is broken, leading to complex engineering products such as cars and airplanes with sub-optimal HMI and poor situation awareness, leading to…

Name: Armored Things
Website: https://www.armoredthings.com/
Twitter: @ArmoredThings
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/armoredthingsinc/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/armoredthingsinc/
Description: Armored Things provides an easy to use dashboard and analytics platform to detect, predict and respond to physical security threats and improve operational efficiency. Our software lets users: - Get real-time information in the command center or in the field with mobile access - Make better decisions in less time…

Name: DSP Wireless Inc. – DSPW
Website: dspw.io
Twitter: @dspwi
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dspwireless
Description: DSPW's latest product is the RCB-W24A-RHD32 WiFi recording system for electrophysiology research labs. The RCB-W24A-32 combines continuous streaming WiFi data telemetry with 32 channels of bioelectric signal acquisition in one battery powered module. Aimed at large rodent (rat) and small NHP (marmoset) research studies. Applications include sensing and acquisition of…

Name: Evisort
Website: www.evisort.com
Twitter: @EvisortInc
Description: Evisort (www.evisort.com) is a startup founded in 2016 by Harvard Law and MIT researchers to develop artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to help companies mine contracts for data. Evisort’s AI understands meaning and context in legal language, virtually eliminating the need to read contracts and other documents. Evisort allows corporate in-house…


Picture Name Company Web Twitter
Nick Bliamptis Facet Executive Search
Tom O’Donnell UMass Lowell ihub_uml
Andrew Shapiro City of Lowell


Name Company Web Twitter
Akshat Saksena
Lydia Swan Bools & Associates https://www.bools.biz/
Chris Friot
Mikayla Dolan
Oye Akintan http://www.flavornoire.com http://www.flavornoire.com @@flavornoire
Isaac Davenport Falling Forwards
Richard Bramante Quincy College www.quincycollege.edu
Maureen Mansfield, ALM MANSFIELD  LAW  ~ Protect Your Passion ~ http://bit.ly/MANSFIELDLAWprotectyourpassion @@MaureenManALM
Dr. Mansfield MANSFIELD  LAW  ~ Protect Your Passion ~ http://bit.ly/MANSFIELDLAWprotectyourpassion @@ProtectPassions
Attorney & Patent Attorney William Mansfield MANSFIELD LAW ~ Protect Your Passion ~ http://bit.ly/MANSFIELDLAWprotectyourpassion @@MansfieldLaws