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Mass Innovation Nights 121

We are thrilled to be back for the third time at UMass Lowell's Innovation Hub!   The City of Lowell and UMass Lowell's Innovation Hub are again co-sponsoring and co-hosting this event. The focus of the event is all things IoT, AI and Robotics as we celebrate National Robotics Week. We will have more than eight fantastic products showcasing for you. You will hear more about how the Innovation Hub in Lowell is helping ventures move from "idea to impact".  Remember "There's a lot to like about Lowell"! Join us on THURSDAY, April 11th at 6pm for #MIN121

  • Check out the new PRODUCTS  and
  • VOTE for your favorites - click on the words VOTE HERE (found on this page to the immediate left) and once on the product voting page, click LOVE IT (only four times)!     
  • RSVP to attend the event on THURSDAY, April 11th (free to attend and open to all)    
  • See who else is planning on attending (click the ATTENDEES tab)   
  • Help spread the word - blog, tweet (using the #MIN121 hashtag), like and post!  
  • Support local innovation -- network and have fun at the same time! 

Don't miss it -- THURSDAY, April 11th 6pm-8:30pm for Mass Innovation Nights #121   

Tom O'Donnell
UMass Lowell

Tom O’Donnell is currently Senior Director, Innovation Initiatives at UMass Lowell. This includes oversight and operations of the UMass Lowell...

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Nick Bliamptis
Facet Executive Search

Nick Bliamptis is the founder and CEO of Facet Executive Search which specializes in recruiting senior-level executives and key strategic...

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Vladimir Charlemagne 7Hills Software Link
Vladimir Charlemagne 7Hills Software Link
Vladimir Charlemagne 7Hills Software Link
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Thursday, April 11, 2019 - 6:00pm