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Mass Innovation Nights 101

Our next event, Mass Innovation Nights 101, will be hosted by MIT Sloan Executive Education and will feature new startups influencing innovation and tackling process improvement. Join us at MIT Sloan on the 7th floor of Building E52 in the Samberg Conference Center for one of the best views in the Boston area and a night of networking and new product showcases. Share the event on social media using #MIN101 and tweet us at @MITSloanExecEd and @MassInno.

Across MIT, some of the world’s most audacious thinkers are launching change. They are the MIT Sloan Executive Education faculty. Their innovations and inventions reverberate throughout boardrooms, classrooms, and living rooms around the globe. Their participants embrace the opportunity to be close to these experts—as well as among them—in order to take advantage of the tools and methods learned to navigate the business challenges they face every day. Their portfolio of 40+ non-degree programs includes courses like Systematic Innovation of Products, Processes, and ServicesMarketing Innovation; the Entrepreneurship Development ProgramLeadership by Design: Innovation Process and Culture, and more. Learn more.
The closest T stop is the Red Line at Kendall Square. Consider taking a taxi or using a ride-hailing app to get to the event. There is some pay-for-parking available at the nearby Marriott Hotel.
  • Check out the new PRODUCTS and
  • VOTE for your favorites - click on the words VOTE HERE (found on this page to the immediate left) and once on the product voting page, click LOVE IT (only four times)!     
  • RSVP to attend the event on Wednesday, August 9th (free to attend and open to all)    
  • See who else is planning on attending (click the ATTENDEES tab)   
  • Help spread the word - blog, tweet (using the #MIN101 hashtag), like and post!  
  • Support local innovation -- network and have fun at the same time! 

Don't miss it -- Wednesday, August 9th  6pm-8:30pm for Mass Innovation Nights #101   



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Wednesday, August 9, 2017 - 6:00pm