Our next event, Mass Innovation Nights 101, will be hosted by MIT Sloan Executive Education and will feature new startups influencing innovation and tackling process improvement. Join us at MIT Sloan on the 7th floor of Building E52 in the Samberg Conference Center for one of the best views in the Boston area and a night of networking and new product showcases. Share the event on social media using #MIN101 and tweet us at @MITSloanExecEd and @MassInno.

Across MIT, some of the world’s most audacious thinkers are launching change. They are the MIT Sloan Executive Education faculty. Their innovations and inventions reverberate throughout boardrooms, classrooms, and living rooms around the globe. Their participants embrace the opportunity to be close to these experts—as well as among them—in order to take advantage of the tools and methods learned to navigate the business challenges they face every day. Their portfolio of 40+ non-degree programs includes courses like Systematic Innovation of Products, Processes, and ServicesMarketing Innovation; the Entrepreneurship Development ProgramLeadership by Design: Innovation Process and Culture, and more. Learn more.
The closest T stop is the Red Line at Kendall Square. Consider taking a taxi or using a ride-hailing app to get to the event. There is some pay-for-parking available at the nearby Marriott Hotel.
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Don't miss it — Wednesday, August 9th  6pm-8:30pm for Mass Innovation Nights #101   



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Name: TwelveJobs
Website: www.twelvejobs.com
Twitter: @twelvejobs
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TwelveJobs
Description: TwelveJobs is taking the bias out of hiring. And we're helping the social impact sector first. We use detailed information from job seekers and employers to algorithmically find you the perfect match. We then share data that's important to the decision-making process (e.g. the candidate's qualifications and motivations), and don't…

Name: Vinolytics
Website: www.vinolytics.com
Twitter: @wineassetmgr
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vinolytics1855/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vinolytics1855/
Description: Vinolytics simplifies wine management. What to drink when, what it is worth, where it comes from and how to buy or sell all in a click. Using the tools of engagement, voice, text, email and images we are leveraging AI and our data to drive interaction with wine.

Name: WatchRx
Website: www.watchrx.io
Twitter: @WatchRx
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/watchrx/
Description: WatchRx uses a smartwatch to help elderly take their meds on time and live independently in their homes as long as possible. The WatchRx solution is designed for patients with usability challenges taking multiple medications, many of whom have chronic conditions, low vision and cognitive limitations. The solution provides trio…

Name: Soft Robotics Adaptive Gripper
Website: www.softroboticsinc.com
Twitter: @softroboticsinc
Description: Conventional robotic grippers are expensive and incapable of operating in warehousing, manufacturing, and food processing environments where the uncertainty and variety in the weight, size and shape of products being handled has prevented automated solutions from working in the past. To solve this problem we have built a fundamentally new…

Name: Ankota Next Generation Home Care Software
Website: http://Ankota.com
Twitter: @ankota
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ankota-LLC-308650817533/
Description: Ankota makes software to enable the next generation of home care. Our customers are home care businesses and other organizations that manage care that enables elderly people to age in place in the comfort of their homes.

Name: FlowNote – Get Ideas Flowing
Website: http://flownote.net
Twitter: @getideasflowing
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/getideasflowing/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/getideasflowing360/?hl=en
Description: Ideas flow freely with FlowNote when you get organized with lists, slides, ideabooks, links, and web notes. Plus, easily focus on must-dos, share the latest with your teams, upload changes to iCloud, and access iCloud and local photos together.

Name: Openbridge – data delivery platform.
Website: https://www.openbridge.com
Twitter: @openbridgeinc
Description: Openbridge is an integration platform that makes access to data simple and cost effective. We help teams harness the power of performance data across a variety of sources: - social networks like Facebook, Instagram, - video platforms like YouTube, - web analytics tools (e.g., Adobe, Google Analytics 360), - media…

Name: Sentinel
Website: www.ecoventsystems.com
Twitter: @ecoventsystems
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ecoventsystems/
Description: Ecovent uses battery operated motorized vents, along with room sensors and a hub to achieve room-by-room temperature control in any home with central air heating or cooling. Ecovent is fully wireless, can be installed by anyone in minutes, and can safely work with any existing central air HVAC system. It…

Name: Diversity Dashboard
Website: DiversityDashboard.biz
Twitter: @DivDashboard
Description: The Diversity Dashboard is an online project management software designed to help diversity professionals track activity, measure their results and analyze the ROI of their diversity programs. Currently billions of dollars is being spent on diversity programs that isn't being measured. This software will enable companies to get the metrics…

Name: Wicked Bandwidth IP
Website: www.wickedbandwidth.com
Twitter: @wickedbandwidth
Description: Wicked Bandwidth is a Business internet provider that is on a mission to bring better bandwidth to companies in Boston that have been overlooked by bigger internet companies. We built a fiber-based backbone with the intention to bring reliable, fast internet connectivity to buildings in areas of Boston that have…


Picture Name Company Web Twitter
Matthew Kressy MIT System Design and Management idmMIT
MIT Professional Education MIT MITSloanExecEd
The MIT Sloan Fellows Program MIT MITSloanFellows


Name Company Web Twitter
Brad Powell Awesome Videomakers Http://awesomevideomakers.com @bradpowellvideo
Shawn Kim @shawnjsk
Alex Meyer 1320 Technologies Https://1320technologies.com @Alexcmeyer
Jon Child Self-Employed
Belen Zuniga MIT Executive MBA emba.mit.edu @@mit_emba
Mira pekova Northeastern University
Nisha Vaity
Naomi Heghinian