As we build out our Mass Innovation Nights interview series, we’ve been revisiting some of the most exciting products to come through our doors over the past 11+ years. Join us on Monday mornings live at 9:00 am Eastern, or you can listen to the recordings later on. (If you come to the live events, you get to be a part of the conversation and perhaps ask your own questions.) It’s a great way to learn directly from experienced entrepreneurs.

One of our most recent conversations was with Stephen Blumberg, the founder and COO at Kyrus Mobile, a #MIN84 alum. KyrusFleet improves safety for fleet drivers and limits liability by preventing distracted driving in the workplace. Blumberg’s own life experiences led to the idea for the company – an avid cyclist, he saw firsthand what can happen when drivers text.

In this conversation, we talked about the difference between consumer and enterprise solutions, and how a startup rises from an idea to a product. What kind of decisions do entrepreneurs make and why as they assess market opportunities?

The Greater Boston entrepreneurial ecosystem is often lauded for our enterprise products and rarely thought of as the birthplace of great consumer products. (Perhaps unfairly, hello Drizly and so many others.)  Sometimes products have the option – like Kyrus – there is both an enterprise and a consumer solution. Can you address both markets at once? Where do you expend your energies and focus your resources? Both options could have pain but one option could be easier to sell to, or easier to serve.

Join us for the whole conversation if you are interested in:

  • Customer validation
  • Market sizing
  • Feature prioritization

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