Here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for — our team of Crowdfunders for Crowdfunding Innovation.  We have an incredible assortment of projects to support (with your dollars, or your network, Mass Innovation Nights-style.)  Our SPECIAL live event will be at the Microsoft NERD Center on September 19, the week AFTER our regular monthly event, Mass Innovation Nights #42!  (Tickets and separate registration required — go here!)

You get the satisfaction of helping local companies spread the word about their crowdfunding projects and, if you support them directly, you’ll reap great rewards!

At Crowdfunding Innovation you can support the projects that:  create your own branded TV show, uncover the dirty secrets of our mass transportation system, make your next road race more friendly, discover America’s next big star, play a new game, start a fire, find missing kids, build a better toothbrush, start a nonprofit foundation, or write a book.  As a bonus, we’ll have a crowdfunding band playing for part of the evening. And refreshments from Anna’s Taqueria and Izze Sparking Juice too.

    Bow and Drape
    Find Your Missing Child
    Founders Less than Three
    Red Raider Studios
    Off the Cob   
    Tech Sandbox
    And, according to the Boston Herald, “the best live band in Boston,” Kingsley Flood.

PLUS, learn how to crowdfund for yourself and your passion.  Learn the inner workings of the crowdfunding system from people who have done it themselves — a panel of successful crowdfunders, moderated by the Boston Business Journal’s Kyle Alspach.  Walk out of the Microsoft NERD Center after an exciting, one-of-a-kind evening with our Crowdfunding Innovation Starter Kit.

P.S. Bring your friends, clients, prospects, or anyone you want to impress with your insight into the Boston crowdfunding scene!  Buy a Backer’s Dozen or Half-Dozen of tickets and we’ll shamelessly plug you and/or your firm in an upcoming Crowdfunding Innovation newsletter.