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Why We Support Product Launches

While Mass Innovation Nights is often chock full of startups launching new products, our mission is not exclusively startup focused.  IBM has launched six products with us, Intuit launched a product with us, Acquia, Brainshark, Continuum, LogMeIn, Percussion, VideoLink, and the Company formerly known as Novell launched two products with us.  These companies are far from startups. 
This is confusing to some people.  ("Hey, that isn't a startup!")
Our mission is to support the launch of new local products through the use of social media.  Those new products can be from companies of any size, shape or industry.  We find that the best, most interesting Innovation Nights happen with a wild variety of products.  Give us the gourmet dog food, the iPhone apps, the enterprise software, medical devices and garden tools.  All together, in the same room.
We think that small companies should mix and mingle with larger companies -- this provides a great opportunity for potential partnerships as well as for learning and education.  What do larger companies do when presented with an opportunity to showcase their new product?  What best practices should your company adopt?
Innovation isn't the exclusive purview of startups and entrepreneurs.  You can find innovation anywhere. 
But there is more to our focus on product launches. We want companies to be truly ready for the visibility the social media community can provide.  If we're driving traffic to your website, are you capable of making an offer, capturing leads, and interacting with potential customers?  If there's just a splashscreen where there should be a website, you probably aren't ready for Mass Innovation Nights.  Wait for the day when MIN will make a difference in your business.  Don't squander the opportunity.