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Who's a Food NERD?

We're borrowing our blog title from Boston Teawright's Caleb who asked this question when he was presenting his craft tea company at the Microsoft New England Research & Development (NERD) Center.  While NoshOnIt represented the entire breadth and depth of our technology at the event, there is more than one way to be a NERD, and all of the companies, experts and guests could probably display their own brand of nerdiness when it comes to their entrepreneurial venture.  And, heck, when you think about it, we all need technology in some way to support our business venture, whether it's a website, social media to help get the word out or machines used to create physical products.
One of our most popular events, the foodie event used to be an annual affair but we added in an extra one this year.  (Yes, this means Foodie will be back in the summer.)  A departure from our usual wild eclectic free-for-all event, which, admittedly have a deep tech bias, the foodie MINs invite all food-related new products to exhibit.
Congrats to our American Airlines Business ExtrAA Winners last:

Off the Cob -- 5000 Business ExtrAA Points
Ivyee's -- 2000 Business ExtrAA Points
Bixby Bars -- 2000 Business ExtrAA Points
Chocolate Therapy -- 2000 Business ExtrAA Points

Our round-up blog post will attempt to capture all the tweets, blog posts, video and more that came out of the event...for a taste of the event, see our Storify post with some of the tweets from last night.  To actually taste some of the products, you either had to be there last night, or you have to find these great products in their natural habitats.  So visit the websites, or the stores to check them out!  And tell them Mass Innovation Nights sent you.
Thanks to the groups who attended from Northeastern and Wentworth!  Both schools have great entrepreneurial programs that we're proud to support.
And, Happy Valentine's Day.  We love you too, especially you innovators with new products, and our MINFoodie sponsor, Roche Bros. (In fact, big hug to all our 2013 sponsors --  American Airlines, Cambridge Trust, Constant Contact and ProfitBricks!)
There's more coming on this post.  Send us your posts, pictures, etc. and we'll link to you too!
Meanwhile, starting to see the early results.  Our first post, short and "sweet" from Stanley Rowen gave us his favorites. Sounds like we made a new friend in Lauren who wrote about many of the products on her Much Ado About Somethin' blog. Come back soon, Lauren! VIP MIN Blogger (and technical writer) Janet Egan contributed her roundup and pictures.