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Welcome to Innovation Nights

Over the past two years, Mass Innovation Nights has helped to support the launch of more than 250 new products in the Boston region.  Everything from gourmet dog food to iPhone apps to enterprise software to medical devices and inventions has gone through the "MIN" process -- crowd sourced promotion of a single night event where local social media mavens help generate visibility for new products.  Collectively we've generated hundreds of tweets, blog posts, posted videos, pictures and status updates. 
Originally created as a way to support entrepreneurs and innovators in all market segments, we're determined to create a way for other communities to replicate what we're doing in Boston.  Mass Innovation Nights is now Innovation Nights.  We're releasing this beta version of the Innovation Nights platform at our April event but continuing to run this and the next few events off the website while we test it.
Any input, ideas, feedback or thoughts, let us know -- click here to go to our website survey.  We've still got a big list of things to do (and a number of other cities awaiting a final version) but we feel it is important to get everyone's thoughts and idea on the new site.  After all, Mass Innovation Nights has and always will be, a product of the great Innovation community in Boston.
Thanks!  See you Wednesday, April 13 at Continuum and VideoLink in Newton!