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There's a lot to like about Lowell: Mass Innovation Nights #107

Mass Innovation Nights #107 brought us back to the Innovation Hub in Lowell, MA! Nine companies showcased their products at the iHub. The event was sponsored by the City of Lowell and UMass Lowell's Innovation Hub. Given Lowell's innovative business environment, affordable housing costs and commercial real estate, world class educational institutions, state-of-the-art research facilities, and community commitment, it was the perfect place to host Mass Innovation Nights #107.

Vice Mayor, Vesna Nuon, welcomed the crowd on behalf of the City of Lowell. Tom O'Donnell, Director of UMass Lowell's Innovation Hub, and Andrew Shapiro, Director of Economic Development, were experts for the night.

The night was filled with the latest tech products from the area. 360 Properties' immersive technology allowed the audience to explore various properties through smartphones, traditional browsers, and VR headsets. WakeMe Alarm, a social video alarm clock app technology, showed us that waking up to videos of your friends and family might just be the best antidote to pressing the snooze button. WmnHealth from Dynamicly tackled women's neurological and mental health issues through their conversational platform, powered by artificial intelligence. Axle AI showcased how their technology aids content creators in locating and repurposing video with speed and precision. Flos Horticultural Lighting's showcased how their FLW900 LED grow light prevents a loss in crop yield. Adopets stole the audience's heart with their pet adoption management platform, designed to streamline the process of adoption for rescues, shelters, and adopters. DSP's RCB-W24A-LVDS Wifi interface wowed us with their powerful neuroscience research amplifier board. CAIDE Studio BSR showcased how artificial intelligence can save lives by detecting stroke in under 2 minutes.

The audience was delighted to receive gift bags from the City of Lowell, which included opportunities to experience Lowell's local businesses and restaurants. The chocolate-coated marshmallows were certainly a bonus!


Presenters for the night were:




wmnHealth from Dynamicly


Winners of the audience choice vote were:

adopets (Grand prize)

Flos Horticultural Lighting: FLW900



The after party was held at Mill No. 5 - a beautiful, rustic space with a variety of shops and eateries. Everyone enjoyed the jazz music, warm drinks, and delicious baked goods.


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