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Teresa Fazio

Teresa Fazio
Allied Minds

Areas of expertise include technology transfer, nanofabrication, and scouting for early-stage technology investment opportunities. In particular, Allied Minds is looking for the below types of technologies that originate from US universities and federal labs:

• On the high tech side, we are interested in the spectrum of technologies that span big data analysis (e.g. data extraction, storage, and querying), machine learning (e.g. traditional ML algorithms and neural nets), and applications of those learning algorithms (e.g. machine vision, speech recognition, and autonomy).

• On the hardware side, we have interests in robotics (both hardware and software) as well as MEMS and miniaturized sensors (both “off the shelf” components used in creative applications and novel sensors with orders-of-magnitude performance enhancement).

We are open to existing companies who have not yet raised capital (the “founded but unfunded”). Of particular interest are technologies and teams that have had recent feedback from corporates who said “we love this, but it’s too early – come back to us when you have x, y, and z.” This is exactly the AM sweet spot: building a bridge to commercial markets.

Teresa Fazio is a Director at Allied Minds, scouting technologies for the Allied Minds Federal Initiative pipeline. She also works closely with the Allied Minds Fellows and due diligence teams. Prior to joining Allied Minds, she was a Technology Licensing Officer at Columbia Technology Ventures, and commercialized inventions out of Columbia University's School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. She was also the Program Analyst for the Columbia-Coulter Translational Research Partnership. Teresa earned a BS in physics at MIT and her PhD in materials science at Columbia University. Her research focused on nanoscale devices to visualize single-molecule interactions. She is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Teresa splits her time between Boston and New York.