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Steve Early

Steve Early
Sales Process Playbooks

Clarifying Sales Targets, Developing Messages and Sales Playbook Development

Steve Early is a career sales and marketing professional with a wealth of experience in working with B2B companies in high tech and other industries. To succeed as an entrepreneur you not only need to develop a product, but you need to figure out (sooner rather than later) how you are going to sell it, and to whom. Steve has conducted hundreds of consulting engagements with companies such as General Electric, Iron Mountain, Compaq Computer Corporation, McGraw-Hill, Agfa-Gevaert, Digital Equipment Corporation, and many others. He has helped them them figure out how to shorten time to revenue.
For companies that are about to introduce a new product or who are struggling with sales on an existing product, he can help you get focused on your targeted customer, and develop a Sales Playbook to get off the ground faster.