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Round up for MIN38 - May 2012

Thanks all for coming out to our 38th Mass Innovation Nights event!  Thanks also to Microsoft New England Research and Development for hosting us!  Thanks to our experts, our innovators and especially to YOU for helping to create some buzz for new local products.  We had a nice variety!
And, in the interest of coming full circle - we also showcased a product born out of a previous event -- last fall the Allied Mindstorm team met up at Mass Innovation Nights in September and from there a new product was created!  This isn't the first time we've heard a story like this -- we've had at least two other products come out of Mass Innovation Nights. 
Our four presenters were PhotOral's blue light product, Jebbit, DailyFeats and High Impact Developer's ap.  Check out the videos at our YouTube Channel.  We also got around to some of the presenters before our guests arrived, for a quick elevator pitch.  And even talked to a few of the experts.
Meanwhile, we also lost our darn good writer Janet to an epic quest for batteries but she was able to circle back before the end of the evening to connect with the companies and turn out one of her fabulous overviews. It's also great to see one of our MIN VIPs picking up a new habit -- sounds like Eric Andersen is going to be subscribing to DailyFeats.  We love it when the entrepreneurs get into the act and take a moment to hand out kudos to each other! 
More later!