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Paula J Magnanti MT ASCP Founder and CHSO

Paula J Magnanti MT ASCP Founder and CHSO
Strategic Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare IT Strategist & Advisor, Coach & Education: "Your Healthcare Advisor Executive"

Paula J. Magnanti, MT(ASCP)
Founder & Chief Healthcare Strategist
Healthcare IT Strategist & Advisor, public speaker, moderator, client, physician and vendor relations expert
Ms. Magnanti is the founder and chief healthcare strategy officer for Strategic Healthcare Solutions, a New England-based healthcare consulting firm. As a strategic thinker and healthcare consultant, she has brought more than 20 years of executive leadership experience in managing client project engagements for healthcare organizations, private corporations and non-profit associations by evaluating and responding to emerging healthcare IT market trends and government policy initiatives.
Paula is a thoughtful communicator, passionately driven to provide innovative, strategic and measurable outcomes in order to enhance organizational goals and objectives to achieve revenue, profit and market share growth to help drive the transformation of healthcare IT towards 2015 and beyond.