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Our First Woburn Mass Innovation Nights: MIN31, the Roundup

Our first Mass Innovation Nights event in Woburn was giant!  No where else have we had as big a presence as we did at the TradeCenter 128 for our 31st event.  In fact, you could feel our presence from MILES away...only a little exaggeration there!
In addition to the humongous sign right along 95/128 welcoming Mass Innovation Nights, we also had a one-of-a-kind presentation set up with a massive screen set up across the 2 story-tall TradeCenter 128's atrium glass wall.  A big collective "wow" and "thank you" to the crack team at Cummings Properties who put it all together.  (And fed us, and in general spoiled us forever for other less swanky settings.) Thanks as well to serial entrepeneur Bill Cummings, who came out to check out the goings-on, and who hires such great people.
Let me put it to you this way -- Mass Innovation Nights Number 31 was sooooo big....(how big was it?)...that tech writer Janet is splitting up her blogging on the event into multiple parts.  (That's how big.)
Because MIN31 was part of Boston Region Entrepreneurship Week (that's BREW to you and me), we also had some "extra" companies there who are competing for the free office space Cummings is offering.  If you don't win, there's always [email protected], the new coworking space Cummings just opened.  (Yes, many of the MIN31 guests got tours of the nifty new space and I heard several of the attendees thinking seriously about moving in just down the hall from the Worldwide Headquarters of Carlton PR & Marketing -- shameless plug.) 
As usual, our team of product owners kicked off the event promotion with their own blog posts announcing they would be at the event.  Open Runway gave everyone their picks.  We also had a nice feature from SCI Woburn.  Featured presenter Grafpad got a nice mention in TRA 360's blog.  (BTW, did you know we're the Gold Standard in startup events?) And, a big welcome to a new MIN (and we hope regular) blogger, Trendbabble.  And, an interesting aside in the blog post from Inner Fortune.
Then there were the tweets -- did you take one of our "tweet sheets" and scan the QR codes to auto-tweet?  Let us know what you think about this style of tweeting!  Meanwhile, lots of fun photo tweets!  (We love mac n cheese too -- thanks to Good Tastes for the delicious samples! MINVIP Eric Andersen moved even closer to his 100,000th tweet with his fastest tweet in the East Twitter style -- tweeting out support for the new products -- not your father's arch support; the limit is your imagination; easy website building; and solving forgetfulness? But Susan summed it up for some people!
Check out our YouTube Channel for the presentation videos!
(We'll connect to your photos,blogs and videos too! Let us know!)