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MINFoodie5: Launching New Food and Food Related Products

The highly anticipated Mass Innovation Nights Foodie came to town and boy are we stuffed!  I think we need to find one of the Boston area's new restaurants to launch with us every month!  (Thanks Strega Prime and welcome to the Woburn Tradecenter neighborhood.)  Say nothing of all the amazing new food and food related products.  We even had some old friends and new ones offering additional samples.
We want to give a big shout-out to the AWESOME team at Cummings Properties who hosted us.  (We're Cummings' tenants so we know we're biased but they are the best!  The team set us up in their grand space and took such good care of us.  Thanks again.)
We'll be gathering all the pictures, video, blog posts, tweets and more, right here.  Our first blog post comes from super-MIN-blogger Janet Egan.  Her photos and blogs are always big favorites! Check out the awesome video from the Woburn Public Media Center.
Let's get things started by checking out just a FEW of the hundreds of tweets from the event.
The crowd favorites and winners of American Airlines Business ExtrAA points were:

Salsa Mayoral from Villa Mexico Cafe - 5000 points
Bosco's new Mocha syrup
Foodie Journey