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MIN 134 Women Founders 2020

Last week we hosted our 7th annual women founders event. Our first female founders only event, in 2014, was held at Workbar in Central Square in partnership with Babson. The place was packed. (2020 COVID pandemic me panics a little at the thought of the crowd but... different times.)  The last six years we've been a part of the Women Entrepreneurs of Boston Week.
Over the years, we've hosted many great female-founded companies - both at our women founders event and at our regular events. Offering access to underestimated entrepreneurs is a big part of our purpose at Innovation Nights.
This year’s Women Founders Innovation Nights event felt different (above and beyond the online aspect) and particularly important. In addition to the usual set of roadblocks for women (funding is one), we have a new set of challenges driven by the pandemic. 
And our community came out. By the dozens. To watch the pitches, visit the entrepreneurs in their virtual booths, and to partake in the one-to-one live networking. If you were one of those networkers, make sure you sign-in to your Hopin account and review your connection requests.
If you missed the event, you can still watch the startup pitches on our YouTube channel.