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Mike Dixon

Mike Dixon
Wellington Street Consulting

Consulting with organizations ranging from entrepreneurial firms to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies to create Office 365, cloud and on-premises IT solutions that improve productivity, user experience, and reduce total cost of ownership.

More than 18 years of IT experience:
• Specializing in Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint solutions
• Large-scale project planning and management
• Cloud architecture and migrations including on-premises-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud
• Architecture and network design including capacity and scalability planning
• Business analysis and system design
• Workflow automation and streamlining processes
• Contractor/employee hiring and management
• Virtualization / IT environment optimization
• User training on a wide variety of systems
• Enterprise-wide social solutions
• Disaster recovery

Is your email or computer systems a mess?
Are you having trouble keeping track of tasks?
Are your business processes hurting your business?
Do you lack confidence or transparency in your business processes?
Are you looking at various technical products to solve a problem and it's all too confusing?
Are you sure your line of business applications are the best option for you?
Are your business systems out-of-date? Do you need new applications and processes?
Are you concerned about security and privacy? For example: do you need to be HIPAA or PCI-compliant?

Mike Dixon has more than 18 years of IT experience, specializing in productivity optimization and email, Sharepoint and Lync migrations. His firm, Wellington Street Consulting, focuses on helping clients maximize the Microsoft Office 365 experience.
Dixon is passionate about creation of user experiences that will lead to higher adoption rates and better usability, increasing productivity and ROI. He believes that the way to achieve these goals are through intense user involvement at all stages of a new technology project and in-depth training for everyone. His experience ranges from projects built in one of the earliest versions of SharePoint to more recent work with SharePoint Online, Wave 15 and Office 365.

Wellington Street Consulting’s clients range from the one-person professional office to Fortune 500 firms with more than 10,000 users.