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A Mass Innovation Nights with Soul: MIN36 Roundup

It's not every Mass Innovation Nights that has its own disco ball...but there's a first time for everything and our first time (Stas, please say, not the last!) at Space with a Soul, came complete with a disco ball and its own red light district.  (You had to be there.) 
Space with a Soul, the Innovation District's own Mission Accelerator and nonprofit coworking space, hosted our March 2012 event in grand style.  We rolled out new products, talked with the experts, networked our posteriors off and finished off the evening with some darned fine guacamole and fish tacos at Papagayo -- thanks, Marsh!
And speaking of thanks -- as always, a big thanks to our super sponsors Cambridge Trust, Turnstone and Constant Contact, and our special Super Speedy Wi-fi Suppliers:  Comcast goosed the juice coming in and 382 Communication installed a couple of special boxes with flashing lights and made the network fly!  (Especially important when you have a few hundred folks hitting the Smartphone at the same time!  Give them a yell when you need wireless or network support.)
In our recap of the evening, we must start with a round of applause for the darned fine job promoting the event that was done by all the Innovators.  Good job getting out the vote!  (If you weren't previously aware, the voting for the presenters on our website is a ploy to start promoting the products early.  "Go vote!  And check out the cool new products being launched while you are at it!")  Project Repat rolled things into their March Madness travel schedule.  LifeCycle added us to All events in Boston.  And our hosts managed to get a mention into their recent Boston Business Journal profile.
The twitterers were busy!  Photographers were having a great night -- Project Repat's colorful display was a particular favorite (@aarn got a Repat photo too) but we really love his picture of Me Two You blankets.  You can see the softness!) 
The Boston skyline was a bit of a distraction for our favorite blogger Janet Egan but she still managed to pop out the first blog post! (Professional quality photos and writing makes for a great read!) 
We posted our videos for the evening in the Innovation Nights YouTube Channel so take a minute to visit if you missed any of the presentations!
Let us know if you post -- blog, pictures, video and we'll connect to you too!