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Mass Innovation Nights at Game On Boston - MINFun

Mass Innovation Nights are usually a wild mix of different products - no matter what you do, or are interested in, you can usually find something that pertains to you. Let other events feature row upon row of same old, same old.  We like to mix it up.  Even when we do a theme event, like our Foodie events, there is still a wild array -- a website, a baker, artisanal salts, an app, etc. 
So, when we started thinking about another theme night to celebrate our new host location, Game On of Boston, right in Fenway, we wanted to make sure we kept it as open as possible.  Thus was born Mass Innovation Nights Fun and Games night, or #MINfun for short.  We collected a fantastic group of new products -- products for going out to have fun, products for staying home and getting the fun delivered to you, games, websites, and entertainment. 
And the crowd goes wild!
Fun was had by all.  (Had to get out the bullhorn and "emergency siren" a couple of times to momentarily quell the networking to make ourselves heard!) Did you get a chance to play Game of Thrones Ascent, take the Freedom Cycle for a spin, picture yourself camping out with gear from Pack Out Gear (editorial note: brrr), check out the two new games from Brass Monkey (can you say "Flip it!"), send someone a love "note" via song from Rednote, yuk it up with the act-letes from ComedySportz, book a table at a nightclub with Tablelist, order in with Click-a-waiter, help promote an aspiring entertainer or make predictions on the next big game?  Also, did you stop in to talk with our experts?  Big thanks to Monty Sharma from MassDigi!
Lots of red dots on name tags, which means lots of people hiring, and "rapid fire" job opportunities! We also welcomed several members of the Professionals of Color Networking Group.  Hope we'll see you all again real soon!
Winners of the American Airlines Business ExtrAA points:

Pack Out Gear

Also, did you know you can join the Business ExtrAA program too?  It's like frequently flyer miles for your business! (We're big fans!)
Thanks again to our Game On team for being such terrific hosts.  Check out the event videos on YouTube.  Meanwhile, check out the tweets, and share your blog post. Here's a link to some awesome pictures from Jeff Cutler.  Find yourself and we'll bet it's one of your favorite pictures of yourself.  Official MIN-blogger tech writer Janet Egan posted her missive.  Our friends at American Eagle Cycles evidently had a great night too! And, a terrific blog post from Mandy with great pictures too! Next month we'll be at the Quincy Innovation Center for some South Shore innovation!