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Mass Innovation Nights with Autodesk at District Hall

Closing out the 2014 Mass Innovation Nights at District Hall with Autodesk as our sponsor just felt right.  One of our favorite spaces, it's awesome to have a separate presentation area and exhibit area, plenty of room to spread out.  Autodesk sponsored their second event of the year -- the first one held in their Waltham location.  (It's always a good sign when a customer comes back, right?)  And speaking of coming back, thanks to our experts, Rich and Dan.  (This was the second Experts slot for Rich Hegarty -- he's found it to be a great way to connect with new clients and give back.)

Even though it is the holiday party season, we had a great crowd come to help spread the word about local innovation.  The community generated lots of tweets, posts, Likes and links, and a general buzz of excitement.  We've also posted the presenter videos. Blogger/Tech Writer Janet weighed in with pictures and post!

Our American Airlines Business Extra winners were:

  • The Semenette -- 5000 points
  • Sunsprite -- 2000 points
  • FirmPlay -- 2000 points
  • OshunUndies -- 2000 points

 Happy Holidays to the most awesomest community!