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Mass Innovation Nights 55 at VMware

Mass Innovation Nights #55 was held at the Kendall Square offices of VMware, the industry-leading virtualization software company.  The company's Cambridge office is primarily a development space, dedicated to creating innovative new products so this was approriate!  For our evening event, we were taking over their conference rooms, hallways and kitchen (which offered a terrific view out over Main Street Cambridge.)  Just down the street from the MIT Coop and the Kendall Square Marriott, it was a terrific convenient location for many of our guests coming from the CIC and other Cambridge locations. (Some of us even came over from the EmTech MIT 2013 event being held at the MIT Media Lab, just a few blocks away.)
Our featured presenters were:

Gift Putter
Bee In Play

Check out their presentations on our Innovation Nights YouTube channel!  We also included a video with short interviews from all the companies in attendance! We also had special guests: AeroEnergy and zSpace, and the HR Engineers.  (Check out zSpace's upcoming zCon East - October 21, 2013.)
The American Airlines Business ExtrAA points were hotly contested with all the companies getting many votes. Congrats to:

Angel Ed

Thanks to everyone who came out to support local innovation -- we saw a lot of tweets (check out our Storify which archives the tweets, Likes, status updates and more about the new products.  Angel Ed got their blog post out quickly -- check it out.  And, our bestest blogger, Tech Writer Janet Egan posted her blog, pictures and all! Blog about MIN companies and we'll connect to youtoo!