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Mass Innovation Nights #49: Back to the Mill

Our 49th event, held at the new offices of Fresh Tilled Soil in Watertown felt like a bit of a return home -- back to a mill where Mass Innovation Nights got its start.  It wasn't the same mill but this one too had the big windows, beautiful high ceilings and exposed brick walls that make such a wonderful backdrop for a new product launch! With a great crowd of social media mavens, we were ready to go.  Thanks to the Watertown Patch (and our usual innovation partners) for helping to promote
We squeezed in an extra company and so our group of intrepid entrepreneurs and innovators numbered 11. We also had a tie in the voting for the presenters and so ended up with 5 presentations. We heard from Independiva, High Impact Email for iPad, GreenStreamline, GroupTones and BrassMonkey.  Here are those videos on our YouTube channel.
Congrats to our American Airlines Business ExtrAA points winners:


Meanwhile, the event tweets are a great way to take in the event if you missed it, or check out a product if you were busy networking! We'll link to any blog posts, video or other news posted from the event! TemplateZone posted their pictures (mostly taken before the event kicked off when they had a little time on their hands!)  Tech writer Janet took some darn pretty pictures and blogged about all the new products.  Bet you can tell which stations she visited early in the evening (before it got dark!)  Spend a little time on Janet's blog and check out her post about a recent Merrimack Valley Sandbox pitch night -- you'll see some familiar faces!
And, remember, next month is our special 50th Mass Innovation Nights, celebrating the MIN500 products we've launched over the past four years!  Hope you'll join us! (RSVPs required!)