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Mass Innovation Nights #115 at District Hall with Boston Scientific

MIN #115 was our 5th Annual Women Founders Event that kicked off #WeBOSWeek on October 15th. The event was sponsored by Boston Scientific and the supporting sponsor was Brownmed. Before the event, Brownmed hosted an open house where they showcased some of their diverse products addressing medical issues. The turnout for MIN #115 was fantastic, with over 200 attendees and innovative products from women-founded companies in the digital health and medical and combination device fields. Some of the products showcased included a medical smartwatch for seniors, the first revolutionary biofilm-resistant tympanostomy tube, and a device that helps women take their birth control pill on time, every time. Our experts for the night were representatives from Boston Scientific (David Knapp, Miriam O'Sullivan, Mary Byron, Terri Kapur, and Mary Beth Moynihan), Brownmed (Kylia Garver and Abby Coburn), Daniella Sloane from Industrious, and Jason Gregoricus from Hidden Gems. We also had the pleasure of hearing Tania Del Rio, the Executive Director at Mayor's Office of Women's Advancement from the City of Boston, speak on behalf of Mayor Walsh about the importance of women in business.

Our presenters for the night were: 



The audience choice winners for the night were: 

PionEar- Grand Prize

Allergy Amulet




Thank you, Boston Scientific and Brownmed for your sponsorship! 

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