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Mass Innovation Nights 104 at Dassault Systemes

Our November event, Mass Innovation Nights 104, brought us back out to Dassault Systemes/SOLIDWORKS in Waltham for another busy and well-attended event featuring 10 great new products from local innovators. The event featured a variety of hardware and software products, from Coalesce.Info's artificial intelligence search engine for business users to eGreen US' Beacon Smart Lamp. The attendees also had the opportunity to see the 3DEXPERIENCE Lab in person, check out the robots and 3D printers, and learn more about Dassault Systemes' Startup Accelerator.

Our audience also heard from our experts, Tamir Jacob from Dassault, and Jeff Schantz from EYP, which is a global provider of comprehensive high-performance building design, energy analysis, and consulting services.

Presenters for the evening were:

The Audience Choice Winners:

Thanks to WeWork and Dassault for providing the prizes!

PS: Check out this blog post from Dassault about the event! And here's another great blog about the event from Geoff Wilbur!