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Mass Inno at MassChallenge

Our only Boston proper Mass Innovation Nights event of 2011 went off like clockwork in MassChallenge's funky space down on the waterfront.  Home during the Summer to more than 100 companies, the space continues to serve as a startup Mecca, also playing host to MITX and BostInnovation. 
We've always thought of MassChallenge as a favorite cousin.  The first year many Mass Innovation Nights companies applied and a hefty percentage of finalists had exhibited with us.  This year was no different but this month we followed a more predictable path with three of the featured companies coming to us from MassChallenge -- Bindo, Day2Night and netBlazr. 
We also had the good fortune of partnering with Cambridge Trust who joined in as walking QR code carriers, giving away a massage at the CIC and a coffee gift package (perfect for entrepreneurs!)  Thanks to the QR code team, Susan who leaped in on the setup and greeting duty, Carlton PR & Marketing's Christine and intern Erin for camera work, and Jason and Keith for hosting duties.  Also, of course, to the MassChallege team for table and chair work and just being super nice!
The tweet stream was active.  Our QR codes are producing a nice batch of tweets (you can change those tweets, folks, really.)  And, of course, tech writer Janet produced the first write-up on the event.  (With everyone seeking great content these days, I would imagine Janet's in high demand for blogging but she still manages to produce the best roundups of our events, faster than anyone and with fabo pictures as well.)  Jon Roussel also put up a blog post and linked to some of our videos.  And the netBlazr team took a moment to gather round for a group photo. 
Even though it was tough to tear people away from the tables, we had a great batch of presentations.  Good work from Bindo, Confidence Beads, HeyHeyGorgeous and Slideshark.  Check out the videos on our YouTube channel.  And watch this space as we connect to other blog posts, posts, etc. (Also, wanted to link to Nancy Loderick's blog post about IDEAS Boston -- we were able to get her a free ticket ('cause that's the kind of organization we are) and she had some interesting thoughts about the conference.

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