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Lowell Innovation Nights Follow up

New location.  New friends. And a whole bunch of cool new products!  (And cake.)  Our third anniversary was stellar, a beautiful night courtesy of the Merrimack Valley Sandbox and the City of Lowell, hosted by the gorgeous Appleton Mills with wifi courtesy of Comcast -- talk about a collaboration made in...Lowell! (So much thanks due to Theresa Park -- extraordinary partner.)
Meanwhile, remember, when you blog about a MIN event, we connect to you so let us know! (We'll add links as they become available so come back regularly!)  You can start with our Innovation Nights YouTube channel.
As our guests arrived, they were greeted by The Fashion Truck parked right out front (again, thanks City of Lowell who made sure everything was perfect -- they reserved that primo spot for the Boutique on Wheels.) From there, guests crossed over the canal and sauntered through the archway (with a view of the river) to the front door of the Appleton Mill.  The mill is home to dozens of artists and their art lined the gallery.  [Hey, ArtVenue  (#MIN34 exhibitor), it looked like a great opportunity for your services; we dropped your name with the building management team.] The park service set up tables and chairs.  )
Guests jumped right in and started checking out the new products.  Tour Lawrence fit right in with our mill theme. We had competitive shopping from Bizulu and Just Scentsational organic pest control from Bare Ground. The team from Akken  had some good conversations with staffing firms.  Jenne Rayburn and her family brought a complete jewelry store - made me wish for pierced ears! One of the teams from the Merrimack Valley Sandbox brought in a system to create a virtual environment designed to stimulate the senses.  Encapsulator allows us to surf the web with a disposable web browser. The Turkey Shore Distillery invited everyone to a rum tasting at the after-party at local watering hole Garcia Brogan. 
And speaking of guests, we had some special guests (in addition to our MIN-friends from Boston and Cambridge). For example, the Mayor of Lowell, Patrick Murphy, came out to welcome everyone to Lowell and Desh Deshpande (yes, that Deshpande) came out to give us an entrepreneurial pep talk.  Our favorite tech writer/blogger, Janet, came out for the evening, not unexpected as we plopped MIN37 practically in her back yard!  Check out her blog post, and photos!  We also got a nice post from Richard Howe's Lowell blog.
More coming!