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Louisa Kasdon

Louisa Kasdon
Let's Talk About Food

Sparking the Conversation

We create public educational events to engage the community around food. This year in our partnership with the Boston Globe and Whole Foods, we produced six open events plus the Let's Talk About Food Festival in Copley Square which attracted over 15,000 people.

Founded in Boston 2010, Let’s Talk About Food is an
educational and event-driven partnership organization aimed at
increasing the level of public literacy about all aspects of our
food system. From sustainability to food access, cooking to
obesity, and food safety to food justice, Let's Talk About Food
invites people across the spectrum to join in participatory,
engaging and meaningful conversations that can shape the
place food holds in our communities, our world, and our hearts.
Our goal is to create a community of “Food Thinkers” – a new
kind of Food Think Tank that brings experts and the
community together to explore food and food issues in our
Creating a Community of Food “Thinkers”
Let’s Talk About Food:
• Presents high quality, challenging and fun educational events for adults, young adults and children;
• Expands on our first-rate networking resource—our “Founders Circle”—a brain trust of activists, experts, policy actors,
researchers, writers and practitioners (e.g., chefs, farmers, nutritionists) who share their expertise to energize and elevate the
discussion about food;
• Selects the best and most expert communicators to inform the public on major food issues including health, nutrition,
science, environment, cooking, farming and agriculture, sustainability, fisheries, food access, food safety and school food;
• Partners with organizations, institutions and venues across the country whose values align with our own.

Louisa Kasdon is the founder and CEO of Let’s Talk About Food, a Boston based organization that creates events to engage the public and experts in conversation around our food system. Louisa believes that talking about food leads to action about food.

Louisa’s first job in the food industry was manning the morning doughnut concession in the Great Hall at M.I.T. where she learned to spot a chocoholic from 100 yards. A former owner of three restaurants, she happily made the transition from preparing food to writing about it. She was the food editor of Stuff Magazine and of the newBoston Phoenix Magazine and is the author over 500 published pieces in regional and national publications. Louisa is the winner of the M.F.K. Fisher Prize for Excellence in Culinary Writing and is a graduate of Wellesley College, M.I.T., and the Wharton School. She has been active in the Boston culinary community for over 15 years. Louisa lives in Cambridge, MA with her husband Michael V. Hynes and misses her two fabulous far-flung daughters, one living in Paris, and the other in L.A.