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Linda Ugelow

Linda Ugelow
Linda Ugelow International LLC

Linda Ugelow helps people overcome stage (and video) fright so that you can not only have a greater impact but can enjoy and even love the experience as well. Specific areas she can help on include:

Overcome the stress and anxiety of speaking on camera or in front of a crowd;
Delivery, audience connection, and presence;
Vocal power, articulation, and nuance;
Preparation best practices;
Troubleshooting situational challenges.

Linda Ugelow is a presentation and confidence coach who helps people overcome the fear of public speaking while communicating effortlessly and effectively across different media.

As a performer of 35 years and with a master’s degree in expressive therapies and movement studies, she has been helping hundreds of new and seasoned speakers get comfortable in their own skin for decades.

Linda is also the producer and host of the TV show Women Inspired and has been featured in Money Magazine, Nylon Magazine, Inspired Coach Magazine, mindbodygreen, Positively Positive, and Thrive Global as well as on numerous podcasts. She makes occasional appearances at storytelling slams, has presented at the European Positive Psychology conference in Angers, France and was host at the TEDx Debrecen University in Hungary.

Linda lives in Bedford, Massachusetts and is currently working on a book to help entrepreneurs, experts, and executives embrace the speaking experience, to be released in early 2019.