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Ian Roy

Ian Roy
Brandeis University

3D printing
Maker spaces
Laser cutting
Social enterprise

Ian Roy is the Director for Research Technology and Innovation in Brandeis University's Library. He is also the Founding Head of the Brandeis MakerLab and an Adjunct Professor at the Brandeis International Business School - and a Lecturer in the Anthropology Department. His group, Research Technology and Innovation, manages the 3 public Makerspaces in the Brandeis Library: The MakerLab, The Automation Lab, and the Digital Humanities Lab. His team works with researchers to overcome the technological hurdles they encounter in their workflows, top to bottom, and they constantly run local pilots in new technologies to address their needs. Ian has hosted or judged the first twelve 24-hour hackathons at Brandeis, helping create the Printathon, Codestellation, and Deis Hacks brands.