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Ian Barrett

Ian Barrett
MediaBoss Television

Social Television

Ian has over 25 years of production under his belt and the camera collection to prove it. He has Produced and Directed over 300 episodes of Broadcast television. Ian's portfolio of work spans the creative gamut of Music Videos, Commercials, TV, Corporate Video and Independent Film.
He created, produced, directed and edited successful, long running rock show "Real Rock TV" and worked on a multitude of Live Performance DVDs including directing Godsmack's gold award-winning "Godsmack Live" DVD and Johnny A's critically acclaimed "One November Night."
Ian has also created groundbreaking video projects for companies like iRobot, Sikorsky Aircraft, and IBM. His creativity is the backbone of the production cycle at MediaBoss.
His independent production background and rock n' roll roots are the inspiration for the client experience at MediaBoss. Content is King and MediaBoss delivers broadcast quality content to every one of their clients.