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Four Hundred Product Launches Later

You heard correctly.  Four hundred product launches.  400.  4 hundred.  Whoa.  Gotta sit down and catch my breath. MIN40  -- another fantastic, fun night!  Great products -- turned things up to 11 (with an extra product...wait, does this make 401 product launches?)
We'll be collecting the posts, video, pictures, tweets, etc. and putting them right here... an evolving blog post.  Of course, Janet Egan gives us a great event overview, every time! Jen Kaye, from our PR and Marketing team, covered the four featured presenters.
Meanwhile, we've added another feature to Mass Innovation Nights...Rapid Fire Job Posts.  During the event, we invited people to shout out their hiring needs and maybe we can make some matches.  Some people planned ahead and sent us links.

Allan Telio from MyEnergy is looking for an Account Manager. 
Brendan Collins from Polar Design is looking to hire two people, a marketing assistant and a junior designer.
Ezra Freedman from Trial Networks was able to do a shoutout at MIN40 for hiring his company is doing.  Check out their site!
Bob Clay from Same Sky Systems shared that he is looking for technical sales people for cloud overlay technical sales
VoltDB is looking for software engineers and sales engineer/community advocate to work on their "blazingly fast relational database system.
Ubersense is looking for a Vice President of Product Marketing

We had a great response to the Rapid Fire Jobs (and some fun with it) and as I talked with one of the firms afterward, they reported they spoke with candidates afterward,.
See you at the next Mass Innovation Nights -- #MIN41 -- #MINFoodie, August 8 at TradeCenter 128 in Woburn!