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Follow up to September 2011 FutureM MIN30

On Wednesday we had another great Mass Innovation Nights event -- our thirtieth event!  Can't believe it!  And it was another "special" event -- this time, in recognition of FutureM, we focused our attention on new marketing products.  And the marketing world focused its attention on us! 
Special visitors:  A special night gets special visitors. 
In late August, we received an email from Europe, Vienna to be exact.  A college professor wanted to know if it was "OK" to bring a group of entrepreneurial students to the September MIN event.  Of course we said "Yes!"  And what a charming group!  The more than 30 students arrived en masse and spent the evening checking out the new products, asking the experts questions and networking with the more than 250 other guests!  You find entrepreneurs everywhere!
We also had visitors who were in town for FutureM!  (FutureM isn't just for the locals.)  We spent a good amount of time talking with one software marketer who heard about MIN through a feature on The Pulse Network and joined us from Virginia!  (If it had been Vienna, Virginia it would have been just too cool for words.)
Big massive thank you to SCVNGR for hosting, and Abigail's and for Cafe Luna for feeding us!  Also to our technology partners, GaggleAMP, Digital Wavefront, and LevelUp, as well as our new "scan-to-tweet sheet" sponsor, Accounting Management Solutions of Waltham.
MIN Connections
MIN is a collective, all the companies jointly promoting each other with blog posts and tweets during the voting period.  On to the media generated from the evening!  Yottaa, one of the exhibitors, was one of the first blogs out after the event!  Our favorite tech writer, Janet Egan, loaded up her blog post with pictures and descriptions of the companies she visited.  We'll be loading more as more blog posts, tweets, statuses, etc. get posted!  Maybe yours!  Let us know when you load up your pictures and video!