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Follow up to our February 2012 event

Another great Mass Innovation NIghts event!  We'll be collecting the blog posts, top tweets, pictures, video and more here.  Remember, when you promote the new products you saw last night, we all win!  (And, we link to you!)
Thanks to everyone who helped make it another great night!  Watch this space!  You can also check out the monthly presenter videos on our Innovation Nights YouTube Channel.
We had a big night at the Microsoft New England Research and Development (NERD) Center which generated lots of tweets, Likes and LinkedIn Status updates.  Our new system of QR code-generated ShoutOuts (thanks to SnapHop) is working beautifully.  We also heard from several companies that there was serious interest in their new products from potential customers, something we don't promise but it is always nice to hear.
We were also able to turn our monthly after-party into a joint event, joining the Memory on Hand crew at Meadhall for their KickStarter kick-off party.  (MOH is more than half-way to their goal -- check it out.)
We are already seeing some great blog posts from new friends.  SafeFoodMom from the US Food Safety blog was intrigued with Freight Farms. Writer in the Thick of it Janet Egan also posted her now famous monthly review of the evening's event.  Janet's camera and reporter-fast writing make her our favorite monthly blogger.  New Carlton PR & Marketing associate Jen Kaye quickly dropped her post featuring our presenters.  And we just got a new blog post from Jon Roussel who was evidently busy making connections that night.
More soon!