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Dan Kirchgessner

Dan Kirchgessner

More than 2 years on the Formlabs Services Team making sure our users are able to keep using their 3D printers with as little downtime as possible.

More than 10 years of self-taught 3D modeling experience, primarily using Autodesk's Maya software.

My name is Dan Kirchgessner, and I'm the Community Manager here at Formlabs! Before holding this position I was on our internal support team for more than 2 years learning all about our printers and our awesome users.

I'm originally from the Boston area, but got a philosophy degree in Oregon, after that I moved around the western US for a couple of years including some time working at the Jackson Hole Ski Resort in Wyoming.

Eventually, I was brought back to Boston by Formlabs and it's been an incredible place to work and grow, and to see more of the awesome Boston tech community.