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Christy Lliu

Christy Lliu

Consumer web, travel, founders, acquisitions

Christy is an entrepreneur, currently co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Wanderfly and marketing director at TripAdvisor.
She co-founded Wanderfly, a VC-backed internet travel startup that was named one of Time Inc's Top 10 Startups, Entrepreneur's 100 Brilliant Companies and was nominated for a Webby. She led all marketing initiatives, resulting in millions of users in hundreds of countries, and she closed countless business development partnerships, including with People Magazine, Skype and American Express. She was also responsible for all company revenue, singlehandedly creating a SaaS program for travel businesses.
In 2012, Wanderfly was acquired by TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel website. This is where Christy now works, leading social marketing initiatives. You'll find her in Boston, most likely eating, drinking coffee, riding bikes or playing with cats. Check out her travels at