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Chris Yonker

Chris Yonker
Chris Yonker Consulting and Performance Improvement

Creating Permamanent Change in Your Sales Organization

Chris has become a veteran sales professional with over 20 years of experience and was of the top performers for a Fortune 100 company. In addition to training and coaching other sales professionals for over 10 years, Chris created a competitive conversion program that has led to millions of dollars in new revenue. Due to his background and passion for growth, Chris attracts entrepreneurs, executives and high level sales performers who also value authenticity, transparency, and share a drive to make a difference.
Chris is a transformational trainer and consultant who not only educates, but also helps his clients remove limiting beliefs and realize their true potential. He currently has an online blog where he shares ongoing wisdom, and has produced an audio called Authentic Selling 101. His other programs include Business Development/Consulting, On Site Training, Keynote talks and seminars, and more.