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Brad Harkavy

Brad Harkavy
Harkdor Partners

Strategy, Fundraising

Brad Harkavy has 20 years of experience bringing innovative companies and products to life. He has managed board rooms, companies, electrical, mechanical, software and product marketing organizations in his career.
Brad is the President of Harkador Partners (, where he offers part-time CEO services, and is developing growth, business and product strategies for his clients. He sits on the Board of Directors of SMTP (OTC:SMTP - and ChatThreads ( . He has been the CEO of BPG Motors, a novel electric motorcycle company ( and Vert Inc. Brad has been the Emerging Company Business Manager at Teradyne Inc. (NASDAQ:TER)
Brad mentors startups through TechStars, BU Kindle and MIT 100K mentor programs and informally on his own.
Brad has a BSEE from Carnegie Mellon University and is the former chairman of SID New England ( and holds three patents (6,850,209; 6,812,851; 6,701,143).