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Barry Costa

Barry Costa
The MITRE Corporation

- Technology Transfer and Licensing
- Intellectual Property Management
- DoD Research Processes and Funding

Barry Costa has led critical, fast paced projects for the Intelligence Community, USCENTCOM, USLANTCOM, USSOCOM, the Joint Staff, ASD RE, and others. He has had a broadly diverse career in pioneering digital imaging technologies and immersive visualization systems; human social culture behavior analysis and modeling; operationally focused technical analyses; tagging, tracking, and locating; and radar modeling. Mr. Costa is the Director of Technology Transfer for The MITRE Corporation and is responsible for the development and execution of the corporation’s licensing strategy and the promotion to industry of MITRE’s technology as well as the development and implementation of licensing and commercialization strategies consistent with the company’s public interest and FFRDC missions.

Previously, he was Director of MITRE’s Corporate Initiative on Smart Power, the Investment Area Leader for MITRE’s Measuring and Guiding Engagement research portfolio, and the systems engineer for the Department of Defense ASD RE Human Social Culture Behavior (HSCB) modeling program and led MITRE projects in the Human Geography and Smart Power domains. His most recent technical focus was on the research and transition of natural language processing and sociocultural understanding and modeling capabilities with an emphasis toward the development and transition of such systems for operational support.

Mr. Costa previously led the USSOCOM SOJICC and similar projects where he focused on the development of operational data mining, visualization, and language translation systems used in direct support of the warfighter. These systems are in research, development, and/or use today supporting COCOM missions and have been briefed and demonstrated at the highest levels of the intelligence community and DOD.

In addition, he led MITRE’s support to the Joint Staff Deputy Director for Global Operations (DDGO), the OSD Rapid Response Technology Office (RRTO), the USSOCOM PSYOP Global Reach ACTD, and the USCENTCOM Map-Human Terrain (Map-HT) JCTD. Prior to that, Mr. Costa supported the fledgling USSOCOM sensor program and was the system engineer on both the Integrated Survey Program (ISP) and the Special Operations Tactical Video System (SOTVS). Mr. Costa was a pioneer in the field of digital cameras and digital video technologies and began developing and integrating those systems as early as 1994. Mr. Costa was also the systems engineer of the Mission Familiarization Virtual Reality Program (MFVRP) a high fidelity pseudo-3D ground mission rehearsal system developed in the mid-1990’s.

Prior to MITRE, Mr. Costa served on active duty with the US Navy where he specialized in radar missile fire control systems.