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August 2011 Foodie Followup

The Second Annual Mass Innovation Nights Foodie was an unqualified success!
As background, the foodie event isn't just food.  It is innovation related to food.  This week the IBM Innovation Center contained  everything from dipped fruit to whoopie pies, water filters to websites, coffee brewers to tomato growing kits, from sauces and chocolate to a new foodie magazine and a kit for grilling pizza.  And a couple hundred smartphone toting foodies.  Were you there too?
Connections were made.  And networking happened.  Samples were tasted, and tasted and tasted some more.  Pictures were taken and posted online.  Video was taken too.  (Coming soon but you can see the videos on our YouTube Channel.) and The Waltham News Tribune came, saw and wrote.
Our special "scan to tweet" QR codes helped people to easily tweet about their favorite companies. (QR code enthusiast and our source, Tim Stansky, blogged about what our friends at Edible Arrangements did with their special offer to the Mass Inno Twitter audience.) 
And, of course, Tech Writer Janet hit the street first with her round-up post of the event.  (She's the best!)   But we also had more established foodie bloggers in our midst, such as Myrna from the PescoVegetarian Times, the Biena Food and the Cooking Chat blogs.  Expert Jeff Cutler posted to his Posterous page and WWJCE (What Would Jeff Cutler Eat.)
Remember if you blog, we you!  More coming soon!