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Andreas Randow

Andreas Randow
Proper Orange

Andreas has expertise in SaaS, Software & Data Architecture, Mobile Applications, Startups, Big Data / Deep Learning / AI, Data Acquisition & Imaging, and Turnkey Business Development. He wears many hats, including those of a software architect, solution provider, designer, programmer, UX/UI guy, angel investor, startup advisor, consultant, photographer, and lover of the Oxford comma.

He is excited by elegant solutions to complex challenges and small but powerful development teams.

Andreas has been working in his field for over 25 years and has been typing away on keyboards (with real microswitches) longer than he can remember. He has started and sold many companies and currently serves as CTO and CEO for several small and mid-sized businesses.

He is always looking to work with entrepreneurs who know what they are doing and likes to join teams as a VP of Technology, VP of Engineering, CTO, or CEO for businesses that are 0-4 years old. He is the biggest fan of scalable agile development, and likes to scale businesses. SaaS, AI, and mobile technologies are his main focus, but he's also not opposed to making really cool hardware. He is also always interested in joining the board of advisors for a compelling new business concept or technology.